HORI Fighting EDGE

Ya, I did with inline resistors. Also ran them to the led strips.

@ChaoticMonk So if I also want to power up the side LEDs, I need to solder to additional points? Which are those?

Here is my 360/FC4 half-dual mod with physical start button added.


I call it a half-dual mod because currently the USB is hooked up to the FC4 and there is no dpdt to switch it to 360, because I may never use it again, but other than that it is wired up. I might put a neutrik in the spare compartment. Touch start and back buttons are functional, thanks to Gummo’s diagram.

If I remember right, its the 3 points in the top left of the image below (just below the screw hole where the ‘3’ is). One of the points lights it up in red, the other in blue, 3rd I believe is gnd and doesn’t do anything.
I took my power line with inline resistor and I touched it to each of those 3 till I found the one I wanted.

Originally, I was going to look into dual modding my stick when I first got my ps3 fe last summer. At the time I didn’t see any reliable dual modding options available so I ended up using a hrap vx sa Kai for when I had local tournaments that held me down until I was able to get a 360 fe.
With the transition to ps4, I would like to possibly triple mod it? Maybe even quad for xbone if I decide I like KI enough, but I’ve already heard about some padhacking issues with 8 minute time outs.
I’m also trying to replace my plexiglass, but haven’t had much luck finding someone who makes replacements so I might just end up swapping the damaged ps3 one for my 360 one as well as look into custom artwork featuring the logo and cut outs for the touch screen and light panel.
A lot of work on my plate, but the information I’ve started to gather has put me in the right place.

If you don’t care about the extra features on the panel (except start and select) maybe replace the hori pcb with a FC4 (ps4+ps3) and an xbox MKX pad (xb1+360)?

There are plenty of options now which don’t time out. FC4 being the better one due to ps4/ps3 functionality and easy to mod+small(ish) pcb. Read through the 3rd party thread and see your options as well as modding info.

Have you tried tek-innovations? alternatively, FoeHammer is branching out into plexi replacements (their site is down so msg them on fb to inquire), as is focusattack.com at some point.

There are templates out there which have guides so you know where the logo/panel cutout would go. Also, the panel is pressure activated so covering it with thin artwork/plexi doesn’t disable it, just means you have to press a bit harder.
Check the art thread for templates and guidance/assistance


@ChaoticMonk I was able to successfully dual-mod my FE. I tried adding a switch to be able to toggle the color of the LED strips between red and blue. But for some reason I can only have one color on. At first I thought I wired to GND instead of the LED spot but when I rewired it. Instead of adding the blue color to the toggle it changed what was the red side of the switch to blue.

EDIT: I figured it out. It was a wiring mistake on my part. I have attached an image with the identified points if anyone wants to do the same. I added a on-off-on switch to toggle between the lights and its important to note that you also need a resistor to power the LEDs or otherwise they will blowup as said before in this thread. I used a 100ohm resistor from the VCC point to the switch.

Edit: Original question was answered after some digging but i have anew question.

The new question is that in the PS3 version of the FE when wiring the 5v pin to the inline resistor, do you just connect the two points with a single wire or do you connect the second pcb somehow to both the 5v and the inline resistor?

Pretty much i’m just asking how the wiring would look when using the inline resistor and an xbox 360 pcb.

Hi u all… I have a 360 FE and I want to change the original PCB with a PS360+ , I really don’t care much about the led lights, but still want to use the touchpad ( Start/Back Buttons ), any chance to have the wiring diagram for this kind of mod? Or, if was already posted, please link me to that, I did not found it. Thanks in advance!

I recently DM’d my X360FE with a Fighting Commander 4 + IMP v2 and came across a problem with the Guide/Home button. I followed all the steps for the “Basic” setup (SJA/SJC are bridged), but when I plug in the controller to the PC, Button 13 (Home) is always ON. When I plug it into a PS4, the H/G is simply not usable (plays just fine though). I don’t have an X360 to test, but I assume the H/G will always be on as well. Everything else works perfectly though, and holding H/G before plugging in switches systems just fine.

Am I missing something here?

Is there a video detailing how to change artwork for a FE?

someone can make a tutorial (xbox 360 vers) to mod with hori FC4? thanks

God forbid you have to do some research. Everything you need to know is already on the forums.
You just have to read more than one post on a thread, you might have to read 2 or 3 posts.

I would start here, everything you need to know about Dual-modding.

Apply what you see here with and refer to the thread covering the Hori FC4.

@Darksakul yeah i read it this Dual modding 101 & and another page thanks
but i was ask here, about FE,bc this stick is unique,light & panel tactil (start & select)

I think they’re just looking for a pinout of the 360 board


Can a FE be modded for PS4 while retaining its original functionality like mapping and LED? I do not care about dual-console; PS4 exclusive. I’m new to stick modding but I know my way around a PCB and can solder. Just need some initial direction. Thanks.

As stated before the only things you can keep when modding the Fighting Edge are the start and select buttons. The Tournament mode and mapping functions will not work. you can get the LEDs to work but you have to wire them separately.

Hello friends. Anyone could me where i buy a steel bolt (screw)for my fighting edge? My bolts are rusty… Thank so very much, i hope that you understand me, because i am spain, that is all

Te entendemos :smile: You can hit it with Sandpaper to get the rust off and then use some clear spray paint to help protect it for some time.