HORI Fighting EDGE


Open up the stick and determine if the USB cable is soldered on or if it uses a JST connector, and the size of the connector, if applicable.

If it’s standard, something like this 10 foot cable will work without soldering.

While the cord is designed to mount in the Q4’s door compartment (and if the JST size is compatible, you would still have to deal with the built in plastic stop in this cable, which is admittedly maybe just a minor annoyance, and might even come in useful!), this cable will even work on things like the keyboard PCB JST port for a Ducky Shine keyboard, for instance (the ducky’s Breakout board usually attaches to this connector first).

If searching google for third party JST to USB A cables (e.g. cables that don’t have the middle plastic stop piece that the Qanba cables used to secure the cable to the compartment), take care of the size of the cable; some are made for mice, which have much smaller JST connectors, even though the pinouts are the same.


It isnt soldered, but it is glued or something. I am just going to pay somebody who fixes arcade sticks to do it, since I dont want to break it. Thanks though.


Just my 2 cents in my experience installing the Brook Universal Board.

Got back from EVO and had to buy a new board since my stick died a few days before the event, and while evo, my temp pcb kept dying in-between games on Saturday during my SFV pool.

Anyway, I followed most of everyone’s posts here in terms of wiring, just providing my images for more references.
I also had to splice more wire to the wires coming from the touch panel, and the guide/home button to make the PCB sit a little more comfortably and to make sure the cables reached without any stress.
Start and Select are enabled via the touchpad, but I’m not sure if the blue LED for the touchpad is working or not due to me having art over the buttons to begin with, so visibility isn’t important in my case.
I also attached the PS4 Touch Pad key to the touch panel’s config button for simple resetting in training mode in Guilty Gear.

Unfortunately I have 0 soldering experience, and the UFB I bought from Paradise @ Evo has headers soldered on because I wanted to do LEDs for my buttons in the future. To solve this issue, I took the JST connector I had previously cut from that same group of touch panel wires and spliced a cable into it and placed the connector into the 4 pin header on the UFB, I didn’t need to splice the ground wire to this header due to already having it plugged into the screw terminal.
I didn’t add the LED strips due to not having soldering skills either, and at the moment I can live without the LEDs as I never really used them.

In the end everything was pretty straight forward, so apart from needing extra wire to extend wires, it’s really quite simple.

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Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread

The Hori fighting edge prototype looking good so far. Need more information about it and hopefully it get release


Anyone who mod a ps3 Fighting Edge have a working original PCB for sale? Thanks. @Gummo


so just to confirm…did you ever have resistors or anything installed to make the LEDs work? if the capacitive touch buttons for start/select work without resistors i will run home and do this to mine tonight.


any advancements on using the Fighting Edge PCP with the Brook UFB? I see the photos for the ps3 ver, Im working on xBox 360 ver


Hey i can get the Hori fighting edge at a really good price, i was wondering will it work with a Brook Ps3-PS4 converter. I have seen the 360 version works and it is on their list of controlllers that will work but just wanted to get some oppinions from people that dont work for Brook lol. Also with thhe converter if it works what functions will be missing? Im not too bothered about touch pad or button mapping but it would be nice to have the blue LEDs on. Also i checked the spec and it has a hayabusa stick and Kuro buttons, thats exactly the same as whats on a Hori Real Arcade Pro Kai. Is there any difference between these sticks apart from the size and weight?


I just wanted to compile a list of information in case anyone comes across this thread. I have modded my PS3 Fighting edge with the Brook UFB. All of the LEDs work, all of the touch panel buttons work, and I installed a toggle switch to flip between the red and blue side LEDs.

I’ll only be listing the things needed to make the stick completely work. As a bonus, I’ll explain how to wire the side LEDs to a toggle switch.


CN3: Touch Panel Buttons

Red = VCC(make sure to use a 100ohm resistor if soldering to the board)
White = CNF on the touch panel
Black = X on the touch panel
Yellow = Select on the touch panel
Green = Start on the touch panel
Orange = Ground

CN15: Touch panel LEDs

White = Touch panel LEDs(Solder to 100 ohm resistor then solder that to VCC)
Black = Lockout(‘X’) touch panel LED(Solder to 100 ohm resistor then solder to VCC)
RED = Ground
The rest are not used

CN5: Buttons

Gray = L2
White = L1
Orange = R2
Purple = R1
Green = O
Yellow = Triangle
Red = X
Blue = Square
Black = Ground

CN13: Guide button

Red = Guide
White = Ground

CN1: Joystick lever

Red = Down
Orange = Up
Yellow = Left
Green = Right
Black = Ground

Side LEDs:
Purple & Blue Wires = Red LEDs
Black Wires = Blue LEDs
White Wires = Ground

In order to switch between the blue and red side LEDs, I used a SPDT toggle switch the I picked up from the auto parts store. I don’t know how to write electrical schematics so here’s a super basic guide:

Middle pin -> 100ohm resistor -> VCC

Left Pin -> Tie the purple and blue wires together then connect to the left pin. You will need extra wire to do this.

Right pin -> Tie both black wires together and connect them to the right pin. You will need extra wire to do this.

Connect both white wires to ground.

And there you have it. A complete guide to wiring the Hori Fighting Edge to the Brook UFB. If you have any questions, shoot me a pm.


pictures please solodus


The new PS4 Fighting Edge is right around the corner.


Sexy. One please.


Yup , Im need pics too

I have this Hori Fighting Edge with a new UFB waiting to get finished. I have resistors too.
I wish to get the touch LEDs & the side LEDs working but no F’n clue what to do & I couldn’t understand it in the forums . mine is the 360 ver


Hey guys sorry for the super late response but here’s how you wire the side LEDs to a toggle switch:


Hey guys here is how you wire the side LEDs


Here is a picture of the touch panel wiring.

Red goes to ground.

White goes to VCC with a 10 ohm resistor.


Credit to Hori, I might be biased but I think the white fighting edge is one of the best looking sticks to have been released. I still drool at their VLX as well, but that’s just based on the vewlix, I feel like the fact that this is an original design makes it somewhat more impressive.


@Solodus hi, can you post or send me a picture off you FE wire to the UFB. I’m kind of stuck on my ps3 and my english is not very good (sorry I’m french)


Thank you very much !!!


I finally added some pics.