HORI Fighting EDGE

Hi, i Have some questions about the wiring, can you help me?

Yeah man, no problem. What’s up?

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I have replaced pcb on anothers fightsticks like te2+ and it works very well, but the hori fe it its Just too perfect XD, Have you taken and measure the voltages on the main pcb suplying the touch pcb?? As well the voltage that the blue/red led recibes?

I did at the time but I’m not sure what they are at the moment. Are you having trouble following my guide?

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I have al ready purchase the resistors but i am wonderin if boths pcbs work under 5v tensión and, why using resistors?
Also i want to ask you, it is possible use the red and blue led wires to1p, 2p led on the brook ufb?

Thanks you for answering my questions, i appreciate a lot

To understand why you need resistors for wiring up LED’s, read this article.

It is possible but I have ran my LEDs to an SPDT toggle switch in order to choose what color I want on at any time.

Thanks, i was wonderin if was a lowering tensión thing or something, because in the te2+, i dindt use resistor to light up the rgb led in the main panel or the mcz red logo light,

Last questions, after installing the ufb pcb, it still enters in tournament Mode? I mean the whole led shows

One more time i am very glad for your information.

I’m not sure. I was going off an earlier guide. I just wanted to make a quick and simple guide for people to follow.

If you wired the touch panel buttons, they will always be active.

Sanwa jlf spring fit in hayabusa.