Hori fighting ss


ive came across some good reviews about this stick so i brought it to mod.

my question is how good is the stick alone compared to a sanwa jlf or semistu (its mainly for shumps) i know sem are best for shumps .but if i was to go with a stick it would be a sanwa (long story).

the mirco switches are omron and the throw seems really sort because the gate look and the shaft seem really small.

but i have no experience with jp sticks besides horis.

the spring looks really old so is their an aftermarket one that would fit?


I’ve used the following stock sticks for shoot-em-ups; and I’d rate them:

LS32> FSSS> LS40> JLF…

I currently use modified FSSS, modified LS32 and modified JLF for shooters; and they all perform even better…

Your local hardware store might have something similar if you show them the spring…


the fsss stock is really that good?


its not that bad at all man.


thx for the feedback.


When you buy brand new joysticks, they usually are lubricated when they leave the factory; and this gives them this ‘silky’ smooth movement…

The FSSS came out along time ago and if bought used, and heavily used, the stick is likely to feel ‘worn’. Simply cleaning and lubricating it ( I used Silicone Grease), should give it a new lease of life…

Both the stock LS40 and JLF are too ‘light’ for my liking for shoot-em-ups; even with the LS40 having a smaller deadzone…


yeah i noticed the throw is really short. cause of small gate right?

too bad i wasted my money on other crap and im too busy atm to mod it.


There are many ways to increase/ decrease throw; but yeah, the “small” gate helps to make the overall throw, shorter…