Hori fighting stick 2

Is it any good? I’m sort of set on making my own, but time is limited and I want to be able to play SF3 with something halfway decent in the meantime. I’m so sick to death of the D-pad ; ) I’d prefer to get the real arcade pro, but play-asia has the fighting stick 2 available atm so I figured someone here must have experience with it.

I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro 2, and i have not looked back since… I’m so happy with my HRAP2 that i want to bear its children.

In other words… get one!!!

it’s not good

HFS2 sucks, even for modding.

I recently decided to get back into fighting games for fun and was faced with the same decision. I have no experience with either the Fighting Stick or Real Arcade Pro models. But I opted to get a HRAP over the Fighting Stick after reading as my threads as I could find here and on the web.

I chose the HRAP because it’s easier to mod/replace parts and I figured the savings would’ve been a wash. I’m comparing this to shipping from play-asia over someone in the States through eBay. Guesstimating that it’ll cost around $75ish to ship to the US. Ended up paying $100 for a HRAP1 through eBay. I think the $25 dollars is worth it for the overall better product.

I have a Hori Fighting Stick 2 that I’m modding. It’s not really a bad mod actually…I think it’s one of the easier mods…

I also have a Hori Fighting Stick 3 that I just got today. It’s a decent stick. I will be modding that sometime soon as well.

In the end, Virtua Stick High Grade owns all : ) I will have four in about 3 days.


how about the HFS2 wiring paik? mine got fuxored when i tried to tap the pcb. does crazy things by itself.

I figured it wasn’t too good. I’m glad I asked now :wink:

Anyone know where to get a HRAP2 now? Play Asia is backordered :confused:

VGO said that they will have like 3 in their next shipment. You might be able to get one on eBay as well, obviously.

I’m not keeping the same PCB. I’m swapping it out.


On eBay, there are like 5 or 6 HRAP2’s for $80 with like $16 shipping to the US. I’m going to buy one in about 5 minutes. :wink:

Yeah, I’m working on getting one of those listings myself. Waiting on the seller to message me back :wink:

Those are the HRAP1 ver. 2 on eBay, I think. Pretty good prices
Apparently, I’m the HRAP2 winner of the day W00t!

I would’ve bought from VGO, but they got their hands full ATM, and I’m just plain 'ol lazy