Hori Fighting Stick 2

I see tons of info about the HRAP. But nothing on the Fighting Stick 2. Is thing a piece of shit or something? I am looking to get a stick and this thing looks nice and is realitively inexpensive, especially considering how much I’ve seen HRAP’s for.

So I’m just wondering if this is a good stick or not.

Get an HRAP. Nice size, solid casing, good resale value, easy to mod, and worth every penny you pay for them.

The same can’t be said about the HFS2.

the HFS2 is nice for it’s money, but quan (and i’m sure everyone else) is right. get an HRAP. and i hear that the modding for an HFS2 is disgusting.

oh, and there actually is some info on the HFS2 if you used the search function.

I tried and just kept on getting a white screen.



Thanks for those. I have just a couple more questions. I’ve seen huge differences in prices for the HRAP, I did find a CFJ one for 120 that included shipping. That seems like it’s a good price, but I just want to make sure. And from what I’ve read the CFJ stick is the same as the HRAP 1 just with a different picture right.

If you’re concerned about price T5 sticks are pretty good and can easily be had on EBay for around $50 shipped. Much better than HFS2 and around the same price.

A couple weeks ago I’d say that’s a really bad price but any HRAP’s other than 3 are getting expensive and hard to find. If you want a HRAP 1/2 I’d also keep an eye on EBay or the Trading Forums.

Do HRAP2’s break easily? and are they the closest thing to japanese arcade cabinets? or would buying a custom stick be better? Would want to look for something close to the japanese arcade sticks.

What do you mean by break easily? What are you planning to do with it?

It is the closest mass produced stick to a Japanese cab other than a Virtua Stick Pro. But with a HRAP2 you will need to switch out the Hori buttons for Sanwas.

Custom is always better because you can get exactly what you want the way you want it.

I meant after extensive use would it I guess have problems that can’t be fixed.

Just want something close to the arcade because I figure when I play there it’s not like I would get to use the custom stick. So how the stick feels wouldn’t be identical. Does that make any sense? or should I just go ahead and get a custom?

Well Japanese parts aren’t meant for the abuse that a Happ stick can take, but I doubt you would run into any problem that is absolutely not fixable.

If you want the EXACT arcade experience then you would have to get the EXACT cab you play at your arcade. As long as you get the same parts the only real difference will be your body position in regards to the controls, such as at an arcade I would either be standing or on a stool bending forward as opposed to home the stick would be in my lap.

Heh, well as long as it feels close to it is what I meant. I’m illiterate to anything that comes to joysticks. Was wondering what would be the closest just because there seems to be a lot of button variations, stick variations and gates.

Thanks for replying btw.