Hori Fighting Stick 3 for PS3: Worth it?

Been debating whether or not I should get a custom stick from one of the stick builders around here for $100 - $120 dollars, but the Hori Fighting Stick 3 is looking mighty fine at $60 and I’ll be able to get a PS3 stick and a 360 stick (The VF5 stick, which I heard is the exact same stick as the PS3 stick) for the price of one custom stick.

Anyone know what parts are in there? I’ve been wanting to try Happ parts because I’ve only tried Sanwa parts, but I’ll be willing to give up trying Happ to see which I like more to save more than $50.

HFS3 has all Hori parts, which are acceptable to some, bleh to others. They’re kinda like Sanwa wannabes. Same parts in the VF5 stick too.

As for Happ parts, those are what you typically find in American arcades. The bat-top, straight button layout style. Has a tougher feel to them when compared to Japanese style stuff (Sanwa/Seimitsu).

theres a Hori FS3 thread somewhere

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