Hori Fighting Stick 3 for SF4/SSF4?

I am thinking about buying my first stick. This will be my first stick so i have no preferences.

I have been looking at the Hori Fighting Stick 3. My main concern is the button layout. I read the review at IGN and it says “The button layout is a bit odd, with most of the face buttons arcing down-right instead of the more common up-right alignment.”. When im looking at the TE stick for example which has the buttons in an up-right alignment it seems much more natural to me? It seems odd to press 3 buttons at once with the down-right alignment.

The Hori FS3 is by far the most affordable stick where i Live, about half the price of the TE stick.

So, what Im really asking is, will the Hori FS3 and SF4/SSF4 play nice together?

Also, how is the stick that comes bundled with Tekken 6? That bundle (game+stick) is even cheaper than the Hori FS3.

If you want a cheap stick, then go for a Madcatz SE.

It’s stock parts are worse than the FS3, but it’s very easy to mod and a set of Sanwa buttons won’t cost too much more.

The thing is, the SE stick is not sold here anywhere anymore (Sweden)…

The Tekken stick is crappy. If you’re going to buy a stick go with the SE Madcatz stick, that way when you get fed up with stock parts it’s easily modified. Or go with a TE.

The hfs3 is decent, and while i’ve never had an se, people have said how the stick is a little jank, while i had no problems nor have i really heard any outcry against the hfs. The stick itself it’s that great but it’s fairly simple to mod if you felt that the lesser parts were holding you back. I know several people who either started with it like myself or still use it. It’s a legit stick for the price.

Problem is that i cant find an SE stick anywhere. Seems to be out of stock everywhere. Or too expensive shipping to Sweden. Atm im considering Mayflash Fighting Stick, probably not that good, but really cheap, so might be a good alternative as a first stick?

What about the button layout? Do you find it “difficult” to press 3 buttons at once with the FS3 button layout?

CDON.se has the SE edition, but i wouldnt go for the SE edition since it will break in no time and you need to buy spare parts in which it will cost you more money.

Just go for the TE edition, SE aint not worth the money.

Yes, but CDON.se sells the SE stick for the same price as the TE stick at other places :).
The TE stick is too expensive for me, im just looking for a stick at a reasonable stick for some casual gaming.

If you want a cheap SE stick check out amazon.com
they have pretty good deals, thats how i got mine for less the $50 brand new.
then i just replaced it with sanwa parts…cheaper than buying a brand new TE IMO.

like anyone else, i’d recomend a SE for easier upgrade with sanwa/seimitsu parts, but if you cant find it anywhere, the FS3 is a decent option.

Im pretty sure it will cast a small fortune to have it shipped to Sweden though :frowning:

If you want to go with something that has real japanese aracade parts, go with the HRAP3. It’s decent priced, and can be modded to your likings. If you are not used to buttons that “click”, or a slanted area then go with a Madcatz TE. The HRAP3 feels more confortable when either standing up like what you do at a real arcade stand, or on your lap. When it’s elevated when sitting down and the HRAP3 is on an elevated area, such as a desk, that’s the only time the button layout feels a bit off, most likely because your wrists are in an awkward position. The Semitsu parts in the HRAP3 are easliy interchangeable with Sanwa parts (just make sure you get the right sizes for the buttons, stick mount, etc) or just get other Semitsu parts.

SEs are the cheapest, and can easily be modded. The stock parts on the SE are crap though and are knock-offs of the real deal. If you are on a budget though, and you have the money to go ahead and mod it after you get more money, go with a SE.

Modded SEs cost the same amount compaired to a stock TE. TE is the best choice if you really want the full experience. The most comfortable, the best quality parts, can be modded easily be modded, and the price has gone down a bit since the past year, so if you have the money to buy a TE, go ahead and do it, and if not, go with the HRAP3. I personally own a TE, and I love it to death. My friend owns a HARP3 and it’s still a really good stick, only gets time to get used to it.

Buying a Arcade stick is a big investment, so choice your weapon wisely.

The HRAP3 is about three times more expensive than the FS3 and is heavy so is likely to be hit with customs duty.

If you can’t afford extra for shipping, then just buy the FS3. It’ll suit your current needs and if you start getting into fighting games more seriously, then you can consider a new stick later.

If I were to choose between TE and HRAP3 i would go for TE, its cheaper here aswell. I cant justify the price for neither of them though. Too bad the SE cant be found at a reasonable price here anymore… I even saw a store selling the SE at a higher price than the TE… Right now it feels like my only option is the Hori FS3.

i ordered an Hori fightstick 3 from amazon for around $32 shipped and in it’s case, you get what you paid for…and then some. here’s some pros and cons which can hopefully help you make that decision:

-backwards compatible with PS2 games like street CvS2, Street Fighter Anniversary and other older titles (the SE and TE do not work with older games)
-lightweight compared to the SE and TE stick
-great price for a starter stick meant for the casual player

-stiff spring on joystick (luckily i had a mayflash lying around and traded out the spring…the HFS3 spring is super stiff)
-buttons are also ‘heavier’ to the press, not like the SE or TE buttons, which seem to require little pressure
-modding an HSF3is more involved and requires soldering, as opposed to a SE stick, where parts can be snapped into place
-button configuration is not ‘standard’ in relation to default settings in most games
-the physical button layout takes some getting used to

it’s buttons are responsive right out of the box and after modding out the spring, it’s a great stick for an even better price. if you don’t have an extra joystick spring, think twice because the standard spring makes it hard to do quick and precise inputs without feeling like you’re going to get carpal. if you can replace the spring, the joystick gets an 8 out of 10, but if not, it’s a 6.5 out of 10 since control and ability to accurately execute fluid motions are so important.

The spring on mine isn’t that stiff. However, the stick itself when I got a hold of it was not smooth and felt very stiff. Made everything impossible to execute. Luckly, some silicon oil fixed that problem, and that’s not too hard to find.

I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and I must say it does the job alright for the price. The stick when lubed works almost as well as a sanwa stick (not just my opinion) and the buttons are decent. The layout itself isn’t so bad and most likely you will get used to it after a few hours of playing.

If you are really serious about playing and all, I would probably pass on this and save up more for the TE stick. They layout is much better on the TE stick and is superior in every way. The only reason I am still using it is because I have no money.

Thanks for all your input. I continued the thread here sinceI think the topic changed.

I just ordered the Hori Fight Stick 3 for myself. ;D I’m really excited, and I have a feeling it’ll work well from what I read.

I’ve played on a lot of fight sticks including the Hori RAP EX, Hori FS3 and Mad Catz TE. I have to say that the button layout on the stick hasn’t had any profound affect on my game at all. In my experience it doesn’t take any time at all to get comfortable with a particular button layout, even when constantly switching between 2 joysticks.

In most cases with joysticks, you’re getting what you pay for and the wireless Hori that comes in the Tekken 6 bundle is no exception. It is very cheaply built, and doesn’t allow for any easy customization. I’m down with the bundle pack itself, but the stick isn’t really worthwhile.