Hori Fighting Stick 3 - Issues with SF4

I’ve had the thing for a while and decided I may as well use it for SF4 as well. I begun starting to run into issues with charge moves etc and was told by someone that this Joystick may have issues with 2D fighters and that I may want to mod it.

Has anyone run into similar issues? Thanks in advanced for replying!

Are you talking abut the HRP 3?

No. My HRAP 3 works twice as good as my MadCatz Standard Edition. I mean its not even close, it is like day and night.

Don’t know about TE… It’s prbobly better than the Hori if all the hype is true.

I’m not sure what the HRP is but this is what I own http://www.amazon.com/PS3-Fighting-Stick-3-Playstation/dp/B000MWE3BI/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1235111587&sr=1-16

it’d be nice if you actually list the problems

the only problems i could see is possibly your execution and probably cause stock hori sticks just arn’t very good and cant hit diagonals easily.

Everyone who’s played it has made the comment that it feels far too loose and sensitive.

hmm do u recommend gettin this stick? its at a decent price. i’ll be using it for PC for the most part. do u think u can test it on the pc with some sort of game like 3rd strike or something?

For the price? It is ok. If you don’t want to spend the 100 bucks, then you have no choice but to get this stick. I have both the Hori fighting stick 3 and the Hori Real Arcade 3. If you have the money, GET THE REAL Arcade 3 stick.

I have a Fight Stick 3 as well, and I have no issues with 2D fighters. It’s not the highest quality but it still works fine.Do you have issues with it in any other game?

My Fighting Stick 3 works well with SFIV, That being said they are not the most durable of sticks so your stick could be on the way out…

i have an ex on the way. after replacing the buttons w/ sanwa parts shouldnt it be as good as the te