Hori Fighting Stick 3 Mod and other questions

Hey guys, I’m new here so forgive me if I posted this on the wrong boards but please bear with me. First of all, I am wanting to get back into fighting games and since I sold my copy after raging (yes I raged and I admit it) because I couldn’t get any better. Anyways, I’m trying to find an octagonal gate for my arcade stick because I have trouble executing half circles on my current square gate which is quite annoying. Where can I find an online retailer which can provide me this for a very cheap price that ships internationally AND which fighting game should I get? SSFIV AE or SF X T?

with regard to game, how tolerant are you of sound problems when playing online and a third of the game being already on the disc, only locked so they can nickel and dime you a bunch?

For tech questions (such as where to buy parts, and which to get) post it in Tech Talk.


And as for which fighting game you should get, SFxT is the newest hotness, so you should probably get on that if you want to start on the same level as everyone else. But in the end, you should just pick up whatever fighting game you enjoy playing.

Well seeing as the only content are the costumes I really couldn’t care less because I don’t have any interests in changing the appearance of my characters. However, if they put say… a special sort of move for DLC thats when it becomes intolerable. That being said, why ask this question?

I want one that can help me learn about chains, links, combos. As stated before I sold my previous fighting games because I got impatient but at the moment, I’m feeling like I should’ve kept them and gone back to them.

SFxT has sound issues when played online, but supposedly they’re working on a patch for it. Also, a ton of DLC characters have been discovered on disc, fully playable too, and are probably going to be released as paid DLC in the future when it becomes legit. So far, a bunch of people have hacked their game discs and consoles to make them playable.

Sounds like SFxT is your game then. Chains, links, and combos abound in that game. It more resembles Marvel than an SF game at this point. EXTREMELY easy to play, since every character literally has easy mode chain combos, and the timing for links are generally way easier than they were in SF4.

As far as teaching you the fundamentals of fighting games, well, you’re going to have to really focus on that aspect in order to begin to start doing combos.

That and there’s still UMVC3, which has fairly easy to execute combos at a basic level, and its really flashy and shit.