Hori Fighting Stick 3 Mod. Has Anyone Started?

I was wondering if anyone has started modding a HFS3.
I have never done a stick mod before, however I would like to try it.
If anyone has started, or can make a tutorial I’d gladly appreciate it.

Basically, I want to put a PS2 PCB inside it, change the buttons and change the stick. I would also like to change the display thingy , to something else. I have 2 HFS3’s so I can do a friends.

A tutorial would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

Hi !
I try to use a nice Seimitsu LS 32 02 without any success !!

HRAP 2.0 was really easy to customize … but this one…

Now regarding the the buttons = NO problem !

Damn. I thought it would be similar to the mods made on the DOA4 sticks.

I just got one and has begun taking it apart. Doesn’t look to be much different from modding any other smaller Hori stick.

Couls you take pictures of the mod while your going though it.

I totally forgot about modding mine until I saw this post. I spend time this afternoon to get it all done. It took about 4 hours with AIM distractions and lunch break but it’s obviously not done. Here’s what it looks like without the final lexan or artwork. I’ll cut the lexan next time I go to my club’s workshop.


I wanted to put my LS-33 to use since it’s my first time and it fits in no problem. A JLF and LS-32 would require a good deal more modding, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble for a quick mod like this.

Buttons are OBSF-30 (Black/dark hai). I threw in QDs because I had having buttons directly soldered to the board. Uh…that’s really about all I can say for now.


I have modded both of my FS3s. One has a Sanwa JLF, the other a Seitmitsu LS-33. All i need to do is order buttons. Ill post pics when i get the chance. One thing though, the directions (in my experience) use different grounds. I tried to use the common and only one direction would come out.

Does anyone know the dimensions for the artwork so i can add some on?

Double Post

Here are the pics. The grey balltop is the JLF. The vermillion balltop is an older LS-33 with a thicker shaft than normal, but same stick.

I shouldve taken internals…

According to my multimeter every ground on the PCB is common to the USB ground wire. You must’ve accidentally wired one of the directions as ground and the ground as directions.

Hi all,

I’m modding a HFS3 with parts ordered from Akihabarashop.com. I was going to make a whole big post about it, but then remembered my Flickr account could probably take the load of the photos.

I’ve done the preparation work and now eagerly waiting for the parts. The photos and descriptions of progress so far are here:


Hope this will help anyone else thinking of modding a HFS3 stick.

looks good el viento

but did you install the parts you ordered?

Hi shoo,

I only ordered them over the weekend, so they’re not here yet! - I couldn’t wait to start work on it so I got it all to that stage. I’ll update and post pics of the rest of the process when my parts come :slight_smile:

I’ve also not decided on final art / finishing. I might just brush up the aluminium plate and give it a kind of clean industrial brushed look.

oh ok cool :tup:

what colors did you get?

It’s going to be a VF5 specific stick, so initially I’m going with the old-school G, P, K colours of Green, Blue and Pink. All the other buttons will be Black / Dark Hai, although I might only put one other button in (for X) and leave L1/L2/R1/R2 out altogether with those hole covers.

I’ve gone for a few more Black / Dark Hai buttons in case the colours are too bright

The balltop will be a blue bubble top, I play Sarah, so wanted the blue theme and I might spray paint the plastic case some type of metallic blue. I also picked up a clear bubble top to put on my VSHG :slight_smile:

sounds sweet :tup:

post pics when finished

This is a really difficult question to answer, so I’m hoping someone will be able to help me.

Is the joystick component from the Hori Fighting Stick 2 and Hori Fighting Stick 3 the same? I bought a HFS2 and was extremely dissatisfied with the joystick component, since the neutral zone (distance of joystick movement required to register a directional response) was so large. Is this the same for the Hori Fighting Stick 3?

Oh, and also, how does the joystick component compare to the HRAP?

My parts came from akihabarashop.com and I finished up my HFS3 mod.


I still have the sticks. I didn’t do the mod becuase I forgot (I know, I suck).

Anyway I was inquiring about the mod on another site.
A member said the sticks a shit for mods. Hassle among other things.

How true is this?

I wanted to put a PSOne Dual shock PCB, Sanwa and stick.

el viento. i really like that color blue paintob. looks nice

seconded, good job.

You stated that you could use the plastic mounts you dremeled off… are you saying that it was a mistake to dremel them off? if you didn’t, would the joystick be any lower than it is now?