Hori Fighting Stick 3 PS3 Joystick Wiring to MC Cthulhu


What order do I wire the joystick to the MC Cthulhu, (red, white, grey, yellow)
I cut them from the stock pcb and have stripped the ends.
Can I twist each pair as one and screw each one to the pcb?




after the right keywords in Google, I found what I was looking for! =)

I also have to have a ground wire to the joystick, so I will continue the ground combo-wire that I did for the buttons to the joystick and then to the pcb, and any of the spots could be set to L, R, U, D



Take your time and test to see which switch does what.

it usually the switch on the opposite side does that direction.

This is how you would wire a Sanwa or Seimitsu Joystick
I hope this at least help with perspective


Got them working, the only thing are the buttons on the top: start, select, etc. I don’t care for the turbo switch. The oem wires came loose so I just ended up cutting them off. Since this now requires soldering, which I suck at, I am trying to find push buttons that small or close enough.



You need a multi-meter, friend.

I’m going to give you a tip on soldering.
I used to be ass at it.

Then I learned to use the thinnest solder I could find, place it on the point I need to solder, and just momentarily tap the iron to it.
Also, 15W is your friend.

Get a removal vacuum too.


Yep, I plan to get a tool box which will house one of those, as well the tools I currently have.

Now I know what this thing in my pc toolkit is for, thanks! :slight_smile:

Never mind this is the cheap plastic plunger type, later I will get the powered type.


this is it without the start buttons working yet, everything else is good: