Hori Fighting Stick 3 (PS3) - old version


I have an older model FS3 that I purchased when SF4 came out for the consoles. Like this one in the link below.

What I’d like to ask is if anyone could offer some insight into what kind of internals are in this.

When I tried a Tournament Edition stick the other day a local event, I COULDN"T stand how the stick moved, it was super loose and I don’t see how everyone likes them.

From what I’ve read the FS3 is a square-gate. I find it very difficult to do anything on sticks that don’t have a stiff loud click because I use the feel and sound feedback to perform moves. That resistant click helps me play.

Are there any other sticks out that have that 4-way heavy noisy click?

It’s such a good value (to me) for $50!

Those sticks on the TE are Sanwa JLFs that are standard on just about any Japanese candy cab (except when it’s a Seimitsu LS-32) and most people who’ve used them for years will swear that they’re more accurate and precise than other sticks.

Also, ironically for you, that same JLF is known for beng a clicky stick.

Most of what you need to know is in this thread anyway.

Cool. Thanks for the link. That stick is the EX version, do you think the internals are exactly the same?

Have you ever used the old one like I have? It’s VERY VERY stiff and clicky. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m worried I wo’t be able to find another stick like that in the future. Mine still works fine.

Wait EX? I thought you said you had it for the PS3 (EX is for XBox)?

That said, everything you need to know is (or is linked to) in that thread I posted.