Hori Fighting Stick 3 (PS3) parts?


I have a Wii Hori Fighting Stick…I like it (I don’t mind the lower quality parts because it’s cheap) but the handle of the stick has started to rust. Not really bad rust, just specks here and there, but enough to really annoy me.

I was looking to pick up the Fighting Stick 3 for my PS3 but I was scared this would happen too.

Does anyone know if they use the same parts? Has anyone used a FS3 for any length of time without it rusting?


I thought that the Wii Hori Fighting Stick had practically identical parts to the Hori FS3 and the Hori EX2.

I’ve never heard of any of them “rusting” though. Pictures maybe?

Maybe it’s possible to get a shaft cover for the stick?