Hori Fighting Stick 3 PS3 Worth Getting?


Is this a good stick?

Was thinking about getting a stick while I wait for the TE stick.

Should I get it while I wait?

Live in Norway and they dont sell others nice sticks besides.



I owned one and didn’t like it at all. There are people on this site who really like it, but I don’t like the button layout or the small size. Also, modding it with a good stick is a pain since the case is so small.


If you desperately want a stick, I guess…

I find it worse than the SE personally. Too loose and too large of a throw. Buttons are stock hori.


If you are desperated then get it; otherwise, try and get a hrap3 on ebay or something because that extra 50-60 dollars will make a whole lot of difference, and its easier to mod as well.


I have a fs3, its a great beginner stick, if ur still on a pad and want to learn the ropes of an arcade stick its cheap and a good option for you. I also have a hrap3 and the jlf makes a big ass difference. When u get your TE you wont regret it. To fix the joystick responsiveness on the fs3 i opened it up, placed a piece of thin cardboard around the microswitches so sensitivity of the joystick increased. I didnt think it would work but it does, and its like i just opened up the fs3 for the first time.


FS3 is shit, I don’t recommend buying it unless you are desperate. I bought it when it first came out and that was the first stick available. It was ok for Tekken, but HDR & SFIV it is a terrible kit.

Just wait for the TE, unless you want to waste money. FS3 is good enough for a second player to use.lol


You might as well get a HRAP with an adapter. If you want Sanwa buttons ready for you, some people on eBay still has HRAP2 SA floating around with free shipping in the US. Might as well take advantage and get a good arcade stick.


Hmm, as it sounds I better leave it, alright will do.

Just gotta wait for the TE to come.

The hrap looks great, but a bit to expensive.

Thanks for the help!


I changed my opinion, get the FS3. It is cheap and it works with PS2 games. The TE stick doesn’t work with PS2 games which I just found out last night. So if your PS3 has BC and you play PS2 fighting games on it, I would say yes buy it.


If you play just for fun, sure. I had mine for less than a month, and the stick is getting really loose. (Those damn challenge trials!) That’s why I’m ordering some new parts, heh. :razzy:


i say just get the fs3… it works fine… i have 2 se sticks… n both of them are shit…i play with my fs3 more. get it till u get the te… im using the fs3 till i get my parts in… its a great stick to use for now. imo


I mean get it while you wait for the TE stick and then use it for the PS2 fighting games.


ah, the hori fs3. :smiley:
The height for the hori is nice and low, and you would definitely need to mod all arcade parts in there. Mounting a Jlf would require you to dremel the joystick prior to installing the joystick in the controller. There should be a thread somewhere on modding a fs3 with the help of the search function!


The te is actually overpriced rather than the Hrap IMO

150+ so you can spend 50+ more on parts to replace the stick and buttons.

and the hrap already comes with the sanwa stick.

hrap > te


The TE is full Sanwa, why would u replace with the same parts?


lol hrap > TE??? thats blasphemy…


aha, well I dont really use the ps2, dont have any good fighters for it.

But its better then the SE SF stick?


Personally, being that Ive played on a lot of Hori’s and SE sticks,

By far the SE stick is WAY better than the FS3 for the following reasons.

  1. I have big hands, so the button spacing is a little to close for comfort.
  2. The stick is not heavy at all. Moves and jumps around all over the place. Im not a crazy joystick player, but i find it moving away from me a lot.


FS3 is just fine for a low priced stick, it’s got “good enough” performance and good reliability, but once something breaks it’s not as easy to fix as the SE and it’s not easy to mod. But if you just want to spend $50 or $60 and be done with it it’s a good buy.


You can buy it here at a really low price

$919.99 !? Lol