Hori Fighting Stick 3 (PS3)

Anyone have an idea where I can find this stick online?

Amazon had it for $29 just few months ago, but I never took the chance to buy it.

Buy.com says that it is unavailable from the manufacturer…anyone know if they simply stopped making them?

Thanks for any info!

I have one I’m trying to get rid of, but this isn’t the place to sell it. PM me.

Edit: Here’s my sale thread if you’re more comfortable contacting me there:

Keeping an eye on Amazon is your best bet. Excellent stick, bought one for my girlfriend a year ago and it still works like new.

Thanks for the replies fellaz!

I should have just bought it when it was on sale for $29 on amazon =P. I thought it could go down even lower haha. I really hope Hori didn’t stop making the sticks or something…

Not sure if this helps you, but I found one at a Play N Trade for $15 used a few months ago. May be worth making a few calls if you have any PNT shops in your area.

Damn, that’s a nice price! Unfortunately, I don’t have any PNT nearby :[

I would also maybe keep an eye on newegg or tigerdirect. It’s rare, but sometimes they carry items like that.

From what I’ve gathered, HORI stopped making the item. So whatever is left on the markets (BB, Newegg, Amazon, buy.com) have been sold… :[