Hori Fighting Stick 3 question

I’ve been meaning to purchase my first joystick mainly for PC play for the ggpo/nfba programs.

Did my homework and researched on this stick, and many people have come up with different answers as to whether or not this stick is compatible with the PC.

So can the owners of this stick pls post and give me some feedback? I dont plan on spending a lot of money on a joystick, and this stick seems the perfect fit for me. Biggest problem is, I dont want to make the purchase to find out it wont work with my pc.

And for the people who actually get the stick to work on your pc, what is your operation system?

worked on my XP pc, not my VISTA pc, if that helps.

WTF?!? My computer is vista basic program. :crybaby:

haha im not saying it wont work on any pc with vista, but it definitely didnt work on mine :frowning:
it recognizes the stick, but not the inputs.

:xeye: oops! ha…I think you say it’s not work on pc with vista.

Hereis some more info.
for you. Didn’t read the whole thing but it is related.

that thread is completely unrelated to the hori FS3.

To answer OP’s question, nobody knows why the FS3 works on one pc, yet doesn’t work on another - it seems to be random. So it’d be a gamble if you purchased a FS3 for pc use.