Hori Fighting Stick 3 repair:


I’m new to this but took a jab at it since well better to try something then nothing I’m looking for some advice. I had my fighting stick3 for not too long after a week of play the square pink button stopped working. I bought 2 at the same time received both and played both for the same time but the other one is surpassing this one in functioning a lot longer. I took apart the damaged one and noticed that the soldering on the square pink button was lifted up and not on the pcb board like I think it should be. I ended up having a friend of mine help me out we desoldered both wire points for the square button on the pcb and added new solder. When we tested it with a device it registered that the solder was good and was soldered to the contact and the button itself was functioning. When we tried it again on the console we still got no input response. I really don’t want to desolder it again but if anyone has any ideas as to what the problem maybe id appreciate it.


Read the thread on modding FS3s. Use the search function. Learn to type in paragraphs PLZ.

You probably just need to re-solder the button. Simple as that. I’m guessing you’re not too practiced on soldering. Make sure you didn’t short it out to another connection, make sure you actually have the solder on the contact on the board.