Hori Fighting Stick 3

Hey guys, just want to ask you guys if this stick is any good with c.viper I seem to struggle trying to get ex-seismo’s out everytime I FFF and i dont know if its me or the stick (probably me). Its only the standard stick with no mods done to it, just want to know your opinions cause i’ve noticed alot of everyone here has a matcatz SE or TE

u sux

practice more and shutup

Thanks for your prompt and mature response (sarcasm),

I’ve asked politely and would have expected a more appropriate reply. Perhaps in the future you would choose your choice of words more carefully before you offend others.

Why i dont like posting on this forum sometimes.

I used to play on the HFS3 before i got myself a TE and i have to admit, i did have a problem with it as it was abit stiff but its still possible with it though. I wouldnt say “u sux” but it may be mostly down to the player, if you practice with it more then you will get use to it but if you can get a T.E, get one, there pretty cheap now and will be a good investement especially with a billion more fighting games coming out now in the next 2 years.

In my experiences HFS3’s are pretty bad. If you’re gonna get a stick you might as well just save some money and get yourself a TE or a HRAP. I doesn’t really matter if the stick is “good for Viper,” it really matters if the stick is comfortable and reliable to you.

I have this same stick. I’m admit that it isn’t the best stick to use when compared to pretty much anything MadCatz makes. (I tried a TE a couple of days back and it’s quite amazing, not gonna lie) However, you can still do pretty much anything that most players can do on the other sticks, including chaining Seismos and Ultra 1 off of SJC’d normal moves.

In other words, it is you. Don’t sweat it though, Viper’s a hard ass character to learn. I’m still butt with her after a year or so.