Hori Fighting Stick α/Aplha

Just annouced hours before:

-Currently for xbox series one

-Use namco noir layout

-You can open for easy stick and button switch!

-You can aslo switch the artwork easy

-Playstaion version coming soon

Aslo up on Hori USA store: (199$)


how about release an S tier VLX Premium

no plastic. make it all over brushed metal like from the diamond

and all sanwa or all seimitsu

yeah all seimitsu, VLX SE a new breed of unicorn



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Honestly, this new case looks pretty cool.
Reminds me of the Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3 (which I loved), but on crack.
The one thing that’s not clear to me is whether or not it has a detachable/removable USB cable.

If I was in the market for a proper retail stick (which I’m unfortunately not), I’d probably get this.

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Looks alright, I know Hori teased this stick at E3 (or at EVO I forget) like a year or two ago. Not a fan of the bezel, but at least it’s black and not red like on the TE2+. Also I’m glad that the plexi doesn’t sit around the buttons, but under them. Probably won’t pick one up day one since we’re still not sure where fighting games will gravitate towards and usually Hori’s sticks get discounted pretty often.