Hori Fighting stick (DOA) Malfunctioning


Hey, obviously I’m new here but I couldn’t find any threads anywhere on this specific problem.

I’ve had this stick since they released and several months ago it began malfunctioning though I wasn’t really playing many fighting games at the time so I let it be, now with the release of SF4 I’m wanting to use it again.

So here’s whats happening. The Sticks up and down and completely nonfunctional windows shows no reaction to inputs. Left inputs as up and right is working correctly. Also the right bumper either is completely nonfunctional or showing as held.

I’ve opened it up and inspected the boards and there seems to be no damage or cut circuits so I checked my cable where it seemed like it could have had some damage and found no shorts though based on the problems I’m having is what I suspect is happening. My thought at this point is to replace the cable.

Anyone have any idea whats causing the problem and a possible fix? I don’t want to replace the cord only to find that the problem still exists.


the pcb dies real ezily…get it swapped to a hacked pad.
My EX2 died all of sudden without any signs of damage, buttons just stopped working one by one.