Hori fighting stick ex 2.. backward compatible?

Not sure if this has already been answered, but I tried doing a search and couldn’t find any info. I just wanted to know if the hori fighting stick ex 2 would also plug in and function on an original xbox?

I don’t mean if it works with backward compatible games, what I want to know is if I can use the stick (which is advertised as a 360 product) on an original xbox console.

see, what makes me wonder is the fact that the usb connection at the end of the cord is a snap on to another piece that LOOKS like it could plug into those little snap on end parts of the original xbox controllers.

ugh so hard to explain

The breakaway cables on 360 and xbox1 are physically different. They can’t plug into each other.

that’s what i needed to know.

thanks alot, even tho its bad news :sad: