Hori Fighting stick EX2 mods

I’d like to see pictures or read tutorials of what can be done to a hori fighting stick ex2. I’d like to know what can be uprgarded and how much it would cost.

ever heard of the DOA stick? it’s supposed to be very similar / exactly the same.

Yea it is the same with different artwork. I seen a few pics around of some modded one but im not sure what sanwa parts can be modded into it.

No authentic parts can be easily put into it. Sanwa JLFs will sit at an incorrect height without modification and the button holes have to be filed a bit in order for Sanwa buttons to fit.

hmm…thanks for that. I’ll just keep it as is then.


A bit OT, but does the Tekken 5 Hori have the same mounting problem? If so, would replacing the shaft from the Sanwa with the one in the Hori fix things?

Tekken 5 hori has the deal with filing down the button holes but Sanwa JLFs mount at the correct height to it.

I remember now that the main problem with the Hori Fighting Stick Ex2 is not the shaft but that JLFs will have very serious actuator problems.

Ahh I c. That’s good to hear. I’ve already put in a Sanwa in my T5 stick. I’m just too lazy to put in Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons =P.

As for the Fighting Stick problem, don’t people just do what I said in my previous post? (swap shafts)

Don’t listen to this dude…

If you have hands and a GENERAL ability to use tools you can mod this stick in 30 minutes.

The stick CAN be replaced with some modding and the buttons are EASILY swapped…just file a little bit…

If Evil Samurai means “not easily” as in…“the parts don’t just fall right in and magically everything works”…then yeah…

But any modding requires work, if the parts just fall in, then it isnt a “mod”…it’s just “replacement”