Hori fighting stick ex2 problem

Today my hori ex2 RT buttons stopped functioning after further inspection the chip that connections the RT to the LT is broken and not connected, sorry i don’t have a digital camera and don’t have pictures. Any remedy to this situation or somone i could call?

Any help or should i be more descriptive?

I dont have one of those sticks, what do you mean by “the chip”

I guess the correct term would be PCB? The green connecter from the button to the main unit it’s actually where the button is connected to as well

If the PCB is cracked, you’ll either have to bridge it with solder (if its a hairline crack) or solder a wire to each side of all traces that have been cracked.

it’s a tiny crack maybe alittle smaller than hairline, and what kind of wire could i use? I’ve never really soldered anything what are your suggestions?

This is NOT an easy task to complete. What you need to do is to use an exacto knife and scrap away the green paint covering the PCB trace on BOTH SIDES of the crack about 1/4" long to expose the copper trace underneath. Once you’ve done that, you need to pre-solder some solder on each side of the exposed cooper trace with small amount of solder. Once both sides of the broken traces have solder on them, then you need to use a 24~30 AWG solid core wire and melt the solder on both sides at the same time while inserting a small piece of wire in between them.

Here’s a photo of my solder bridges I used to fix a broken JLF microswitch PCB.

Nice explanation and good pics !