Hori Fighting Stick for PS2

I recently bought one of these Hori Fighting Stick for PS2, and despite all positive reviews on the net, I have a very hard time using it.

I’ve been playing with a Dreamcast Arcade stick for the past 7-8 years for all my Street Fighter games, but found a lack of support in the way of input converters for different systems out there, and so decided to buy the Hori Fighting stick instead.

Compared to the Dreamcast Arcade stick, the neutral zone on the Hori Fighting stick is SO LARGE that all the movements for the special moves in Street Fighter have to be exaggerated to the point where is makes executing the move SO much slower. The buttons are fine, but I just cannot get used to using the joystick. Has anyone else noticed the same problem? Does the HRAP joystick have a smaller neutral zone, or is it the same?

yeah, the throw distance is a little longer than the green goblin, but it didn’t take me long to adjust at all…

perhaps you could replace it with a seimitsu stick, if you have the first version of the HRAP.

i don’t think it makes executing the move that much slower… my recommendation would be to just get used to it seeing as arcade cabinets, HRAP3, VSHG uses the same sanwa joystick.

He’s talking about the Hori Fighting Stick for the PS2 and not for the PS3. And the Hori Fighting Stick is NOT the Hori Real Arcade Pro.


i take it all back then… ditch the HFS and get a HRAP :smiley:

How much difference is there in terms of quality of the actual joystick component of the HFS in comparison to the HRAP?

I find it hard to believe that Hori would have intentionally made such a crap joystick, especially after having so many years of experience in this regard. Can anyone out there play properly with the HFS? Or is it just me?

i used to be able to play properly with it until i got a sanwa. never touched it again.

you can replace the stick with a Sanwa. i’m going to do that pretty soon. hopefully i can take some pics.

Hmm, replacing the joystick component with a Sanwa? Sounds interesting - I’m very curious about how this would be accomplished, including purchasing of components, physically taking apart the components, etc.

Let me know, if you manage to get it to work.

i’ve done the button mod on someone else’s HFS2.

this is surprising to me, since my own HFS2 doesn’t have a turbo switch and uses microswitch based buttons. this one uses some kind of rubber contact under each button. :frowning: looks like it’ll be tough to make holes on this new pcb. i’ve yet to do a stick mod though.

Still how do you mode a HFS2?

I decided to revive this thread since I didn’t want to create a new one.

I have a Hori Fighting Stick 2, and I’d like to change the buttons to Sanwa.
Thing is, it’s the blue top one.

I haven’t opened the stick yet, so what I’d like to know is… Can I simply swap the hori buttons with sanwa buttons, like you guys do with other sticks?

Or is this rubber contact a bad thing for modding?

And should I use snap ins or screw ins?

Thanks in advance for the enlightenment.

The rubber contact is like how a regular pad works. When you push a button, instead of activating a microswitch like an arcade button would, it pushes a piece of rubber that directly comes into contact with the PCB. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s definately not as easy to mod as a stick with microswitches.

Meaning… I can’t just take the buttons out and swap them for microswitch Sanwa buttons?..

Does that mean I have to solder?

Yes you will have to solder.

F’ it then.

I’ll get an HRAP later on, and mod it with Sanwa’s.

Anyway… I only bought this stick, because I saw OTK (Otaku), using it perfectly well in CvS2.

If a pro used it, I guessed it shouldn’t hurt a rookie like me…

But now that I think about it… Does any of you know if he modded it?

PS: And off-topic, does he still play, or has he really retired from the beat’em up scene? Because if he did play, I’d be kinda curious to know if he changed to another stick…

Having a better stick doesn’t necessarily make you a better player. If you suck and then get the best stick in the world you will still suck. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have better stuff but it all boils down to preference. A guy a few years back won a Tekken tournament with a Shadowblade which is one of the crappiest sticks out there.

going to revive this thread, here.

has anyone made / put up a tutorial on completely modding the HFS2? (so i can have something to use as a model.)

haha, i still haven’t modded the HFS2’s stick.

but anyway, the button mod goes this way:

  1. take off the bottom
  2. remove the PCB
  3. remove the buttons (should be really easy)
  4. file the tabs in the button holes (annoying and boring)
  5. put the Sanwa buttons in
  6. wire them to the PCB. you can either drill holes on the PCB so that you can mount the buttons directly on it, or just use wires and let it hang around. you have to insulate it properly if you don’t want to drill holes on it though.

^ cool, thanks.

i’ll probably look at it sometime during this school year. just got a lot to do right now. i guess i’ll ask more questions (if i have any) when the time comes.

and now for something completely bumping

anyone found out yet how to replace the stick on a blue-faceplate hfs2, and considering that the buttons make direct contact to the PCB would the responsiveness problems with dying buttons be likely carry over to their replacements after they’re installed?

nope, absolutely not.