Hori Fighting Stick for Wii, have you tried it?

anyone one test this out yet? is it “good enough” for fighting games, or is it subpar?

$40 asking price isn’t that bad either for an arcade style stick.

and like with any sticks, do i gotta nail this down for a wooden crate so it doesn’t slide around?

i’m thinking about picking up 2 just for GGXXAC for the wii.

… you mean hori, right?


Can I use it for Excitetruck? :smiley:

it’s a variant of hori fighting stick 3… so it’s gonna feel almost exactly like the doa4 stick

go for it if you like the doa4 stick

Someone has been watching too much Heroes. Anyway, I think you can mod it. And the color scheme looks nice out of the box. I’d get it if I had a Wii.

Except it has turbos and 8 buttons. But yeah.

Yeah, looks more like the HFS 3 for ps3. Not a bad stick, for a budget japanese stick.