Hori Fighting Stick V3 Mod Help


Hi, I recently got a Hori V3 and I decided to mod it.

I have my new 30mm Sanwa buttons and I know how to de solder and solder everything back together, but I came upon some photos of someone else modding this.

Here> https://www.flickr.com/photos/guldberget/sets/72157629288846071/

On this image> https://www.flickr.com/photos/guldberget/6864123307/in/set-72157629288846071/
It shows everything wired back up. It shows that he got rid of the Daughter Board and has cut all of the wires. What did he use to connect the wires to the buttons and the motherboard to the black wires on the buttons?

I’m completely new to modding, thanks for any help!

Also, where did he get his terminal blocks?

  1. There’s a thread that exists with all sorts of info for the Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3: NEW Hori Fighting Stick VX (360) & V3 (PS3) Thread

  2. Not sure what you’re asking about the wiring. He has: button-switch --> Quick disconnect --> wire --> terminal block --> more wire --> header --> PCB

  3. As for terminal blocks, you can get them in all sorts of electronics retailers, both online and offline.


Hi, thanks.

To be specific about the wiring, how did he do it without the daughter board?
Those parts you listed, do you have any links on amazon or such or certain things I should look up so I can get the actual parts he used?


The daughter-board is nothing but electrical connections. You’re basically just “replacing” it with wire.
You can find all the electrical wiring stuff you need at some stores like Focus Attack (www.focusattack.com) or Paradise Arcade Shop (www.paradisearcadeshop.com)


Alright, I think I’m going to buy from Focus Attack. Do you think you can think me to each of the products he used? Like which quick disconnect, wire and header?
This is my first time modding so thanks for being patient!



If I get these:

Do I need these? http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-obsfs-silent-30mm-pushbuttons-dark-red/

Or do the buttons come with switches in them?


Those are both the same link, but yes they come with switches in them