Hori Fighting Stick (Wii)

I’m looking into getting a cheap Hori Fighting Stick for the Wii. I’m gonna be buying Tatsunoko vs Capcom soon and I definitely want the stick to play. However, I don’t want to buy a stick for one game. I’m curious if anyone can list some games that are also compatible with a fighting stick? I’m really hoping Brawl and Budokai Tenkaichi is. Also, I’m hoping that games like DB: Revenge of King Piccolo are compatible, not just fighting games. Can anyone answer this? The reason I worry is because I know on most Wii boxes and VC games, they list compatible controllers and I don’t recall ever seeing a fighting stick as one of them. Can anyone help clear this up or list some more games that will solidify this purchase for me? Thanks.

EDIT: I’d just like to say, before anyone else does, I also have a 360 and PS3. For the PS3, I have a stick. Therefore, people who just wanna recommend I buy a more core system, I’ve already got that covered.

You can’t play the hori stick with brawl. The joy stick is bound to the D-pad so you’ll just be taunting all day.

Just don’t bother playing brawl

In fact if you must play something on the Wii other than TvC get Guilty Gear: XX AC+

Any game that supports a classic controller should support the hori stick. There’s not a ton of wii games like this, but there are lots of virtual console games and such. The stick should work for ~100% of VC games.

Yeah If you use the Virtual Console a lot you could use the stick for that. For a kinda acradey feel I guess. Other than that Guilty Gear: XX AC+ is pretty cool and would best be played with the stick.

Brawl imo is best suited for a controller.

Brawl is best suited for parties and children

As others have said already, GG:AC+ and a bunch of VC games are recommended, but Brawl will not work on the Hori at all (and well it shouldn’t, the controller really works well for it).

As a general guide, the fight stick should be treated as a sort of neutered Classic Controller. You can almost immediately count out any game that requires motion like shaking or even pointing (which includes DB:Revenge of Piccolo? idk). You should also count out any game that requires the analog sticks. But any game you can play with just the d-pad and buttons (even the shoulder buttons) is stick compatible.

For specifics, I recommend the Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution games. I think that’s really the only option for a traditional (if you can call it that) 3D fighter on the Wii. If you have the choice, get the 3rd one, as Tomy stated themselves they built that one with comp. play in mind.

But since you said you have a PS3 and a stick, you may want to see if there’s a converter for PS3 -> Wii. I’m not sure if there is one, though I do know there is one that goes the other way (Wii -> PS3).

Okay, thanks for all of your feedback.

Now, I know the tournament edition sticks have switches that let you turn the stick into DP, LS, RS. If I got the TvC tournament edition stick, could I use the D-Pad function for games that require D-Pad? I realize that no one recommends Brawl with the stick. However, other games that use the D-Pad, would the Tournament work with them? Just try to reanswer the questions without the whole “Hori Fighting Stick” part and pretend I said “Fighting stick with DP,LS,RS”, if you could, please.

As for this Naruto game… I am a Naruto fan. I absolutely loved the 360 games (RoaN, BB) and I enjoyed what I played of the PS3 games (UNS). How does this Wii game compare to those two Naruto games? Is it a lame experience aside from the arcade/online experience? If you could elaborate more on this game, it’d be much appreciated.

There aren’t multiple versions of the TvC stick, just 1. It does let the joystick work as a dpad, rightstick, or leftstick. It works for any games that supports a classic controller.

So I CAN play games like Dragonball: Revenge of King Piccolo (side scroller), and Brawl (though not recommended, it seems)? As long as I switch it to dpad?

Sorry for the huge delay, I don’t get notified when people reply on SRK threads for some reason.

As for Naruto: CoNR, if I could compare it to any other fighting game, I’d compare it to Tekken or Soul Calibur. It’s a full fledged 3D fighter with side-stepping, move canceling, normals/specials/throws, etc. I can’t speak for the 360 games, but it’s nothing at all like UNS (in both good and bad ways).
There are some differences, most of which deal with Chakra. I could tell you more, but I think a [media=youtube]1Qph-zjZnUQ"[/media] is preferable to wall of text.

To answer your latest question, you can use the TvC stick with any CC compatible game, as long as the controls don’t require you to use both analog sticks at once, or use an analog stick along with the D-Pad (for instance, you can’t play Monster Hunter Tri).

Well, you could, but you’d have to switch the mode to access both controls. I don’t how DB: Piccolo controls.

Don’t get the Hori stick, get the Madcatz one as it’s way easier to mod.