Hori: Fighting Stick

I have a few questions…

  1. Anyone own this?
  2. Does this work with all fighting games?

I bought a japanese stick last night and its brand new and I can only get buttons A and B to register in King of Fighters 94.

I was curious if theres something I got to do in my WII or somewhere to configure the stick or if the game does or does not support it?

Anyone can help me out?


I don’t own one… but my guess? Is there a switch that lets you change between NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube configs???

only classic controller and gcn will work for 94 the stick so far is only for GGAC i seriously hope you play that game cuz thats it until new fighters come out on it…

Dang I thought my controller was broken.

I thought because I was using a stick it would be treated like a classic controller button layout.

Dam this sucks…

Do you own a stick also?

I do! I bought it from a Gamestop a while back, and it works very well with GGAC for the Wii. Also tried it with SFII and it works really well. Get the U.S. one if you can find it. Just search on the gamestop.com website or ebgames.com. I don’t know about the Wii conversion between a Japanese controller on a U.S. Wii, or vise versa. That might be your problem. I can’t help you with that. But the arcade stick is definitely worth the search AND the buy! Good luck!

What version of SF2 are you playing?

I think my stick might be messed up. I can get the buttons to register in sf2 but they dont come out all the time. I opened up the stick and it seems like the PCB is stuck to the buttons. So I got no clue how I am going to fix this.

Any guides on modding hori wii sticks out yet?


Irrelevant question but, is that Nautica Thorn as your AV?

I have both SFII games from VC. I can’t help you with the stick issue. Check the tech specs on the other section of the srk.com forums for more info. Sorry to hear =/

Hahaha yes it is. I got to support my local hawaii girl in every way possible.

Well what I ended up doing is returning the stick to the local store I purchase import and american games from.

I will check back with them with they get the USA version of the stick back in stock.

I wanted to say thank you for all the help and information you gave me.

I appreciate it.



it works on 94, just its not the mvs layout(horizontal layout) or what ever its called.

lol doesnt work on metal slug what a let down.

oh really? last i heard it wasnt working for virtual console games unless they fixed that. this was when i first came out a little while ago now. still rather make my own :lol:

Sorry to get off topic, but im assuming its relitivly easy to make your own stick? If so you got any sites I can viset to figure out how to do it.

Once again sorry to get off topic, but my puppy just bit up my MAS stick wires and im going nuts.:sad:

i kinda just watched my friends do it and read some stuff in the padhacking thread then made my own. just gotta be dedicated to doin it i guess.

there is a thread on making a wii stick. in tech talk.
sorry i dont have the exact link.

I picked one up a couple days ago to play Guilty Gear with. The stick is Fantastic. The joystick is a little loud, but other than that its flawless. I havent tried it with any VC games yet. I took some pictures of it inside and out. I’ll post em later if anyone cares to see them.

yeah its pretty good for being stock. took me a while to get used to it being the first jp stick i played on.

but some of the super motions on 94 are driving me nuts.

um never mind.

I’ve noticed while playing kof 94 that the button layout on the wii arcade stick is over under as opposed the standard four across layout.

Is there a way to fix this or do I have to rewire my joystick?

you could probably re wire it.

i dunno why maybe cause of the new snk layout or cause its based off the classic controller.