Hori: Fighting Stick


I’ve noticed while playing kof 94 that the button layout on the wii arcade stick is over under as opposed the standard four across layout.

Is there a way to fix this or do I have to rewire my joystick?


you could probably re wire it.

i dunno why maybe cause of the new snk layout or cause its based off the classic controller.


shit…all i use is hori…that thing pwns…best thing eva…


the Neo Geo Wii Stick works on the Neo Geo fighters.


Yeah… Sorry for the Necro post, but I thought it would be better to post here instead of making a new thread.

Does anyone know if I where to install MAME on my Wii, would the Hori stick work on it?


I have played the hori stick for TvC and it works fine but we had a ps2 controller converter for it and we played TvC with the SF Nubytech Anniversary stick and imo that was better. Not to mention if you already own that stick the converter is cheaper then the hori.


Hacking a Gamecube controller is easy. Are going to play TvC? Then the gamecube pad is a simple hack just go to slagcoin for the tut. Pay forty bucks for the stick, then maybe mod it. Sanwa etc.


any threads on hacking a wii hori? I can only find Hrap hacking threads.

mini review of Wii hori=solid stick i thinks its just like xbox360 hori ex2.


wii mod thread


Any way you can use a 360 stick on a Wii?

I see they sell Gamecube to USB adapters at Play Asia.


Searched for an Official Hori Wii Fighting stick thread and this is the closest I found. Can anybody specifically comment on quality of the stick? Meaning how long did it last? How many have you gone though with normal use (no bashing buttons or slapping)?


So white…

I think the white colour scheme will get pretty old…or grubby…once youu have a few rounds, might need to clean it down once a day!!!


I own the Hori Fighting Stick for the Wii and it’s nice. Buttons are responsive and the joypad does it’s work. my only gripe with it is that the restrictor gate is square. you can always mod it and get a Sanwa Octagonal gate or replace the stick completely with the Sanwa JLF with the restrictor plate which is what I’m about to do sometime soon.


I got one at Gamestop for 15 (had it listed as a classic controller) It played really well, much like other hori sticks. I ended up ebaying it for the money, but it was definitely worth it.


I just bought the Hori Fighting Stick Wii.

It’s pretty nice and the stick and buttons feel nice.

Got it for $39 at Gamestop today, wanted to get a jump start before TVC comes out and the arcade stick prices sky rocket.

Tested it with Guilty Gear and the Virtual console street fighter games. Works perfect.

I am very surprised how good the buttons feel, much better than the stock buttons that came on my 360’s HRAP EX.

The only negative is that hooks into the Wii Remote instead of the Gamecube port ( Can’t use it as a Gamecube controller) which totally blows cause I’m still stuck play Capcom vs Snk with a wavebird.

Just bought one, don’t want to get 2 yet incase Mad Catz releases the SE on Wii.


ive been thinking about picking one of these up but are there any other fighters worth getting for the wii any time soon?


There’s GG:AC+ and the KoF Orochi collection.


awesome. i am a fan of GG so i may have to finally buy one of the sticks. thanks drgn


i got two of these fight sticks… they work great… just want to see how long they would last… i didnt want to pay 80 plus new buttons and joystick for the TvC madcatz stick yet…


Gonna try and pick one up this weekend at Frys, they’re going for 40$ which is a deal to me. Just need to find money, is all.


I heard that the Hori: Fighting Stick is trash. I wouldn’t know personally, when I play TvC I use the classic contoller.