Hori Fightstick 3 worth 25 dollars?

Should I? I’ve never modded a stick before, I want to mod my tekken 6 stick(cuz it sucks arse) but I imagine a wired stick is better anyway.

This is probably easier to do for a first mod right? I guess we all have to start somewhere.


In my opinion it would be better to get another fight stick and modding it. I’d just get the Hori real arcade pro v3 SA fight stick. I heard its a good fightstick.

eh? how much is it though?

I wouldn’t recommend modding a FS3. I’ve done it and it was a pain in the ass. If you wanna swap out the joystick (which is ass) you have to mount it a certain way or else you wouldnt be able to screw back on the metal plate on the bottom. If you want to mod a stick go with a Madcatz SE. I actually would recommend going with a TE or a HRAP V3. If you want seimitsu then go with the SE. Modding isnt saving you much money these days.

I totally don’t have 80+ dollars to spend on a stick :-/

If you don’t have 80 bucks get it. Of course if you have 150 bucks to blow, get some top grade stick, but if you don’t, I’d say 25 bucks is a good price for a Hori product. If you aren’t snooty about whether your buttons are seimetsu or sanwa, stock hori parts are pretty good.

I want something decent until I ultimately decide to do a mod. thinks I’m also a casual fight gamer… like - I only play the Tekken series.

If you only play casually I don’t see a reason to mod :coffee:

lol… I play casually because I suck and get easily frustrated by defeat shame I used to play heavily but noticed my skills never improved so I was like ah meh and stopped.

The FS3 isn’t much better than the wireless T6 stick you already have. Both are made by Hori and both use Hori parts…

Both sticks are difficult to mod, and iirc any problems you would face in modding the T6 Wireless stick (not enough clearance to use a Sanwa stick so you must frankenmod the existing stick, buttons are soldered directly to PCB and PCB is not common ground) also exist when trying to mod the FS3. So buying the FS3 just to have an easier stick to mod would be a waste of $25 unless you really like the FS3 case or the FS3 button layout.

And well, you can’t get em for $25 anymore, that ship has sailed. :lol:

What is the difference between the HRAP3 SA and the HRAP3? Is one sanwa parts and the other hori? I think I’m going to hit up some dude on craigslist, actually.

The regular HRAP3 has a Sanwa joystick but uses Hori buttons that are very easy to mod like the Mad Catz SE. The HRAP3 SA uses all Sanwa parts.

why even bother with crappy sticks if all you play is tekken. the playstation pad is more than capable for it.