Hori fightstick emergency please help!

SF4 is not responding to any of the kick commands off of my hori fs3. The only way it will respond is if the turbo light is on solid green, but still the L2 command will not work. Now this only happening while playing SF4 every other game works just fine including HD remix. Also the dualshock 3 inputs the commands just fine as well. Also the X,O,R2, and L2 work fine in SF4 menu’s such as choosing a character or backing out of a menu. Its only when in an actual game that none of the would be kick buttons (L2,X,O,R2) are not responding. Please help!!!

Double check your SFIV control scheme.

One of your kick buttons is stuck in the on position. Happened to me when I modded the Wii hori, the trigger got stuck to on when I closed it and none of the kicks registered(only in game).

So how did you end up fixing?

Re-checking and re-soldering the wires would be my guess. If yours is unmodded, then try to check the solder joints on all the kick buttons.

I believe is your button too, my guess would be your L2 button, you can try to isolate the connection for each kick button to test it out (disconnect the wire from button), first to start off with L2 of course.

hopefully your FS3 is modded with QC connection, cause i believe the FS3 PCB is soldered directly to the button…

Ok did some testing today w/ the multimeter, Im getting power to all buttons (3.28v) except L2 and for some reason now the Square, with any other game except SF4 in which I lose power to all the kick buttons and square. With the turbo function on I get power to all buttons except L2 and Square. Could the pcb be messed up? My FS3 was working perfectly for a couple weeks until yesterday, then all of a sudden this happened. :[

Ok, after more testing I figured out that the L2 button is somehow being hampered by the turbo functions. When the turbo function is turned on or off the L2 button is somehow activated. In button configuration, whatever function L2 is set to the corresponding buttons will not work if turbo function is not turned on, for example if L2 is set to say Focus Attack then the MP(triangle) and MK(circle) will not respond unless turbo is set to on. If L2 is set to “no function” then everything works fine except for obviously L2. Is there a way to completely get rid of the turbo function?