Hori FIghtstick EX odd problem


Hi guys,

I have recently been trying to fix an issue with a friends stick.

Occasionally it will stop working. Its a Hori Fightstick EX DOA edition. We will be playing away (SFIV of course) and the game will pause, on the xbox360 itself the indicator light for his controller will turn off, but on his stick the led that show which player he is (the green light around the guide button) will remain lit. At this point the stick will not accept any inputs and we have to unplug and plug it back in and it starts working fine.

THe weird thing is though, that it only happens when people play with it on their laps, it never happens while playing with it on a desk or table.

Originally i thought it might be loose connections or something to that effect, so I took it apart and made sure everything was connected fine, added a bit more solder to some of the connections, and did some testing with a multimeter to check it out. After satisfying myself that it was fine, I tested the stick for a good week (on a table, not my lap) and it was fine.

Then he came over to play, and it immediately started doing it again until I told him to use the desk, at which point the stick operated fine and we had no more issues.

Any takers on what this could be and how to fix it? Could it be static from the friction of the base of the stick and his pants?