Hori Fightstick EX2 for 360

I’m having trouble getting this fightstick to work for my PC (which is the main reason I ordered it). I mean, I have a 360 + SF4, but I really wanted it to play SF3rd strike on my computer.
I’m running Windows 7.
I plug in the stick and it detects the hardware and install it and all that jazz. I can even calibrate the joystick and buttons. It detects that it’s plugged in and everything, but whenever I open up my arcade emulator and I go to map my buttons, it won’t pick up the inputs. And I’m not a total noob when it comes to emulators and what-not so I know I’m not just missing some super simple step.

I’ve searched online for Vista fixes for it because there seem to be no Windows 7 fixes yet (official, anyways) and they all link me to download XCBD or something like that. And every download I click takes me to the same exact site, with the same exact broken link.

It’s really starting to frustrate me, seeing as how I read online about how the fight-stick worked for PC and what-not. Which is the reason I bought it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?