Hori FS-3 & FS-EX Wireless Announced (Same as T6 Wireless)

Announced here:



Xbox 360

is there a reason why these companies aren’t putting out a 6button layout wireless stick with sanwa and/or seimitsu parts?

Because on next gen consoles a lot of menu and generic tasks are assigned to shoulder buttons. Try playing Blazblue or Street Fighter online without the shoulders and see if you can utilize every function in the menus/viewing replays/etc.

so make them tiny like the VSHG or Namco stick. They have those buttons but they are out of the way.

The better answer is no one serious enough to want Sanwa buttons would ever use a wireless stick. That said the Hori T6 was not a good stick at all, one of the worst I’ve ever seen from Hori.

How so funkyp? Some people here are very serious about their sticks and they make them wireless.

I believe that there were some issues with the PS3 versions dongle. Also, these are a pain to mod (especially the PS3 version with it’s big ass PCB).

cause wireless sucks?

Technically, a well made wireless PCB shouldn’t have any more latency than a wired one, the bigger issue with wireless in tournaments is syncing and interference. Wouldn’t want a match to suddenly go the the XMB/Dashboard just because someone who had recently played on the console pressed the Home/Guide button.