Hori fs3 case

Ok so ive decided instead of shelling out a wad of cash at once for a TE im going to upgrade what ive got piece by piece. Starting with the case. What are my options. Are there larger cases I can purchase or will I have to build one my self.

Tech talk, theres usually threads on machine manufactured cases. Ebay some people will sell just the shell of a TE or HRAP. You can make one yourself if you know what your doing.

Prices vary on all of these.

ZOMG - http://shoryuken.com/f177/arts-hobbies-new-diy-acrylic-cases-weight-adding-options-see-post-2-details-237344/

Get one of those, personalize it and make it awesome… chances are, any parts you have laying around, or in your current stick, will fit in that.

good luck!