Hori FS3/HRAP3 stick mounting question... Arcade perfect height?


I’m trying to get my hands on a Japanese style stick to mess around with. My happs are a bit bulky for lap play by the computer.

Anyway, in my research, I’ve found that for a Sanwa to be arcade perfect, it needs to be mounted 9mm under the control panel. Does modding out a FS3/HRAP provide that exact height?

HRAP’s come with a Sanwa already installed, so no problems there. For the FS3, you’ll need to drill some new holes in the panel I think.

Opps! I forgot there was already a sanwa in the HRAP3. (Too bad it’s red.)

The heart of my question though has to do with the height of the stick; is the mounting 9mm under the CP?


Edit: Wait didn’t you just answer you’re own question in that thread?

No. I’m aware that a Sanwa must be mounted 9mm under the control panel to be arcade accurate. My question is whether the HRAP3 and the FS3 conform to those measurements.

I’m wanting to pick up a Japanese style stick. Right now, I’m thinking of either getting a HRAP3 and modding the buttons or a FS3 and modding out the stick and buttons. However, if the measurements of the mounting location on those two products are not 9mm under the control panel, I’m going to consider other options.

I’m particularly interested in the FS3 just for the silly reason that I don’t care much for red.

I’m pretty sure Per or someone will help out with the mounting question. As for the red thing, you can easily buy a replacement balltop and buttons and install them (you’ll probably want to switch over to Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons since the Hori’s are bleh).

Also, I know Sanwas can mount on both sticks with the mounting plate. I just don’t know the technicalities. =P