Hori FS3. Modding

Ive look at the previous post but i didnt get anything cuz im a noob at modding.
i bearly purchased a hori fs3 and i want to customize it.
can you guys give me an idea how to mod it and preferably parts that fits kinda perfectly to it. im planning to change the stick and the buttons with seimitsu or sanwa parts.
Tnx for all the help!


How exactly do you “bearly purchase” something?

Did you dramatically jump through the door and slap you money on the counter just as they were about the toss it in a wood chipper?

Or did you walk in and purchase it while wearing a panda suit?

i tried tht thread but i dont get anything
neither. gtfo

heres a link for how to do the wii version, but its the same thing.
Its gonna be easier to to put a JLF stick in it, and either sanwa or seimitsu snap in buttons.
If all else fails, you can always send it to me and ill put the parts in for you. Ive done acouple T5 sticks and my bro gave me his FS3 acouple of days ago, so ill be modding that in the near future. The fs3 looks to be just abit harder than the T5 stick, but very doable.

What didn’t you get from that thread…? It’s pretty straight forward and there’s pics. :wonder: