Hori FS3 stick for sale

Hey fellas,

I have a barely touched Hori Fighting Stick - FS3- for the ps3. It plays nice and is very precise. The only thing I don’t like, more so my wife doesn’t like, is the “clicky” noise the stick makes when performing moves. The layout is fine and the response is great. I had a xbox controller but I sold that already. I’m looking for 45$ without the shipping. Let me know -

Big Willy

go to the trading outlet and i dont think u can sell things yet

I bought mine new for 30 and that stick is a piece of shit un modded. Best bet is ebay, not here. I think you join date is not old enough.

Just wondering what exactly is a modded hori stick?

buy a Hori, put sanwa buttons in it and a new joystick and gate