Hori Hayabusa Buttons


No, I’m not mixing things up. Hori will be testing a new Hayabusa Button.

Famitsu article in japanese

So, from what I read, they reduced the “stroke” (I’m translating from japanese here, is this “travel”?) in 0.3mm and the button height in 1.4mm.
The buttons also have a matte black finish.


We’ll see how they pan out. Personally, I’m not interested enough to spend money trying them.


The Kuros have improved from the first fighting edge to the new HRAP. I’ll definitely be interested in seeing what these feel like.


The matte black looks nice, at least in the picture it does.


main thing I disliked about the Kuro button was how far down it would push. These should be more like Sanwa buttons only with a wider plunger if they stay the exact same as the Kuro. I’d be interested


I hope the edges are rounder on these new ones, not a big fan of the sharp edge on the Kuro.



Why the buttons look like they have a matte finish?





The buttons were called New Kuro during the location tests they did before. I guess they changed the name.


It would be cool if they could make a matte finish balltop too… looks weird otherwise.


matte finish parts don’t looks right to me.


I can’t see a way to avoid the finish wearing out after some months of play.


Matte finish is cool , i hope there is more matte color , and balltops matte too.

But the best will be a new Hayabusa shortter with more gate option…


I think that there are some plastics that are more resistant to that than others but I’m pretty sure that those plastics are not being used in arcade buttons.


its going to look like crap after a few months of play as the buttons start to smooth out.

I agree, I am pretty sure the buttons are ABS plastic and not PBT plastic.


they look like seimitsu ps-15.


I HATE the kuro buttons, really regret buying them last year and so I gave them to a friend who hadnt changed out the sanwa buttosn from his TE1 since the stick came out. They were at least better than beaten up grime ridged buttons…

Ill read reviews and what you guys htink on here and decide if I want these. My biggest complaint about the kuros was how mushy the microswitches were, they just felt wrong. Also the squeaking was annoying.


Yeah the Kuros did stuck, every stick I had them in got them pulled out right away


Out of curiosity, what has you interested in them? Do you not like the existing offerings from Sanwa and Seimitsu?