Hori Hayabusa does not fit on Qanba Q4RAF?


The Hori Hayabusa joystick is apparently, too big for the Q4, as the connectors must face the buttons instead of away, and the Sanwa button’s microswitches make it too high for me to cram the Hayabusa. Would the Seimitsu PS-15s suffice in making the Hayabusa fit? Can the PS-15s even fit on the Q4? (specs say it’s designed to fit 1.3 mm panels, but I have not accurately measured the height of the Q4 panel, which has tiny slots for the Sanwa buttons)


It fits, if you unscrew the PCB.


Seems the posts there resolve the issue for the hayabusa in the Q4


Herpa derp, how did I not think of that.
Can anyone answer my second question about the PS-15s though?