Hori Hayabusa Hollow Shaft?/ Bat top question


Does anyone know if anyone makes/sells them? Ive fallen in love with the Hayabusa but would like to illuminate my balltop.

Also, unrelated, but does anyone make any translucent/bubbletop BATtops? I know it can be done as Ive seen shift knobs like this, but strangely Ive never seen any on fightsticks. I think an illuminated green or red one would be sick!


You can use JLF shafts


And Sanwa now makes a clear Bat top, you need to drill out the base of the metal insert on the bat top to allow for the light.


The JLF shafts wont change the feel or throw of the Busa?


They are almost the same. Hayabusa shafts have a black finish and more of a notch for the e-clip (making the e-clip a little easier to insert.
But that is it. Every measurement is the same, I used a Hallow JLF shaft in a Hayabusa with no change in throw or engage or feel.


Did somebody disagree with a question?


No, it won’t. I currently have a jlf shaft in replace of the Busa shaft. I stripped the shaft tightening on a ball top with a smaller sized flathead.