Hori Hayabusa Mod Help

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been working on electronics and fight stick mods for a bit but I bumped into a problem I haven’t been able to solve.

I have a Hori Hayabusa that I wanted to put a DB15 port in. I got everything wired up. It works great on PS4. When I hook it up to my supergun though it has some issues.

The stick works correctly.
The Coin button works correctly.

Nothing else works though. I did test everything with a multimeter for continuity and it all looks good.

What seems to be happening is all of the buttons are activating at once in turbo mode.

If I plug in an MVS it immediately pops to the bios screen.

On CPS2 I can manage to trick the game by starting it before plugging in the controller, adding coins, then plugging in. In SFA3 the game will start. Auto pick a character and then go to the first round. Directions all work but nothing else.

I wired everything through the main PCB. I’m sending +5v from DB15 to the main PCB. I’m stumped though. I’d really appreciate any help!

Take clear pictures of your wiring and it might help us help you troubleshoot.

I don’t know if it applies here, but in the past, there were some retail joystick PCBs that behaved badly/weirdly if powered but didn’t detect a compatible console. I don’t know if this is one of them, but off-hand without more details that’s all I can come up with.

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Here’s a picture of the board and general wiring. I tapped directly off the board for directions. I crimped wires to the buttons directly though. Should I remove them and go straight from the board? I didn’t think it would matter since all the continuity checked out.

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And the wiring.

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Could it be that you’ve connected the DB-15 to the wrong side of (some of?) the buttons?
If you did, then those buttons would be grounded/held-down constantly when connected to via the DB-15.


Make sure you double check that DB 15 wired up correctly, and make sure you got Power and Ground running as well (which I see in your photos).

A very common mistake is to have the wiring done backwards, I done that myself a few times.
Like how many people (even the pros) will sometimes mix up similar data lines up.

For example:
So many pros mix up the Data - and Data + lines of a USB cable .

That’s a good idea. Strange though. All of the ground pins beep when I check continuity with ground on the board. This really has me stumped.

Edit: I actually tried swapping the pins on the inside of the buttons with a game on. It didn’t make any difference which side was hooked up. Only the coin button works.

All of my DB15 wires should be hooked up properly. All of the joystick directions work so I didn’t get a row backwards or anything.

The plot thickens. I hooked the start button directly to the board the same way I did with the directional buttons and it still doesn’t seem to work.