Hori Hayabusa Stick Accidental Input fix?


Hey, I tried searching but I didn’t really find anything about this. When I hold left on the Hayabusa and let go, it sometimes gives me a right input. Is there anyone else having this problem too?


That happens with most joysticks. Get a higher tension spring.


idk, it doesn’t happen with my JLF, just on this. I might get the 2lb part


It’s going to be more frequent on a Hayabusa because there’s less friction on the pivot.


I installed a 2lb spring before I even installed it into my case. Weak springs tend to allow the stick to flop around, rather than firmly recenter itself. The microswitches in this don’t require much actuation, unlike the Gersungs in my Fanta, so it does feel flighty to me - for whatever that’s worth. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll just get the spring then


According to this video the Hayabusa has issues with accidental inputs when you let it recenter itself. A 2lb spring does not stop these accidental inputs. See 5:50 for the Hayabusa with the 2lb spring.


There’s no reason that you should be letting the joystick recenter itself during play.


That’s how lots of people wavedash in Tekken.


Personally I only ever notice this when navigating menus, almost never during matches


I think the accidental inputs can be remedied by reducing the throw. I put a Sanwa square restrictor plate on my Hayabusa stick and I don’t get any accidental inputs when letting the stick recenter itself. However, I’m also using a 2lb spring and an aluminum balltop so I don’t know if that contributes anything as well.

The Sanwa restrictor plate lines up perfectly with the Hayabusa tabs and the plate has pegs that perfectly align with the switch holes. However, you will have to drill out 4 holes in the Sanwa plate for the Hayabusa screws. The location for the holes are already visibly marked on the plate. You’ll need a 1/8" drill bit to make the screw hole, but because the Sanwa plate is thicker you’ll need to drill another hole, slighter bigger than the screw head, half way through the restrictor plate. I think I used 13/64th drill bit.



Combination of lighter spring and less friction means that Hayabusas can be prone to this. It’s not just the spring too, so you’ll need to look into other mods.


Wth? I was about to order the new hori hayabusa, now I’m reconsidering.