HORI Hayabusa with PS360+


Trying to hook my haysabusa up to a PS360+. It seems to only pick up inputs from diagonal directions which arent even the correct ones i.e up forward on the stick being down back. Only one direction ever picks on from up, down, left or right. Every other one does nothing. Any help?



Gotta wire it right. You should be looking at the Sanwa part of this diagram.


It is wired to the bottom right picture of the diagram.


So, your 5 pins on the joystick PCB are facing the buttons like the picture on the bottom right?


Yes that is the only possible way to fit it in this case.


And you are using a Sanwa 5 pin cable? If it’s wired up the way that it’s pictured and still not working you may have the Seimitsu harness. With the female connector of the harness pointing to your right, which color wire is at the top?


red is on top


So its:



Can you take a pic of the wiring going into the PS360+? Are you plugging it into the stick with the clip part facing what would be the bottom of the case?




yea its facing the bottom of the case.


Swap directional wires around using the process of elimination.


nevermind i figured it out somehow red is the ground…


Ok. Forget the colors. How is it wired? Do you have it wired like the Sanwa picture?

red - up
yellow - right
black - ground
orange - down
green - left

or like Seimitsu?

red - down
yellow - up
black - right
orange - ground
green - left

Or another way?


I had it
red- up
yellow- down
orange - left

switching the red to ground and black to right fixed the issue