Hori Hrap 3 PS3 home/ps button question

I was planning on getting a HRAP 3 PS3 since all the madcatz TE and SE were sold out, plus I was still kinda iffy about quality in the long run.

But, I ran into a little question which I can’t seem to find the answer for. I know the Hori HRAP 3 was made for the PS3, and it’s wired, but since it’s wired im pretty sure it can’t turn on the ps3.

But if it’s still connected to the usb and you press the PS home button while it’s connect, will it turn it on or no?

Also anyone else with a hrap 3, as far as usage is it comfortable? or is the base to small or to tall to kinda just rest your wrist on?

what? no matter what you cannot use the controller to turn on your PS3.

Original controller you can turn on the PS3 by pressing the Home button. HRAP3 you cannot. Just checked!

HRAP is comfortable, you can rest your palms on it, I’m glad I bought 2 for the price of 1 TE.

I have an HRAP3 and a TE, and the TE is worth the extra money, believe me.

Same is true for the TE though, the home button will not turn on the PS3.

the only difference between the TE and the HRAP3 are the Sanwa buttons which can be modded

and no, it won’t turn on ur ps3

it is easy to explain. the PS3’s usb ports are inactive and unpowered when it is off. therefore the controller is not powered and cannot register any button presses, including Home.

That’s why your standard controller won’t charge if the PS3 is off.

You obviously dont own a TE. The build quality is far superior in every way. The HRAP3, although works just fine, is built like a cheap toy. The case uses very light plastic, the flim on the surface looks crappy around the screws, the design is hideous. The TE is built like a tank and as you use both sticks, the TE just feels like pure luxury and the HRAP feels like something you could fine at toys r us.

HRAP3 = Honda
TE = Beamer or Benz

The HRAP3 works fine, but saying the only difference is buttons tells me you have never used a TE. Again, it’s like saying the only difference between a Honda and Beamer is the material used in the interior.

Sounds like someones E-peen got hurt when you told him his TE is the HRAP + Sanwa’s…lol

Having held a TE from a friend, I can say that the only thing I like better over my HRAP is the button layout, that’s about it. It’s not sturdier, it’s a bit heavier. I don’t find the HRAP to be cheap or crappy build at all.

go look at the guts of both then tell me WHY YOU THINK the TE is so much better…