Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4

Looks like the V4 is now unobtanium in the US outside of eBay scalpers and international imports. Is Hori phasing the V4 out in favor of a Xbox One-like model or just seasonal shortages?

This was going to be my Xmas gift to myself, but I have no interest in importing from Japan or paying crazy markups.

Xrd came out, and SFIV/SFV got announced for PS4.

If anyone is interested, the sticks are back in stock at the US Amazon store for $146.36. I just ordered mine, and the Amazon website show that there are 5 left in stock.

Edit: And they’re gone.

I just need to know if the PS4 one can be dual modded…guys? Thanks

It sure looks like it from this list - http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Peripherals-Support/List-of-Compatible-PS3-Accessories-for-PS4-Updated-2-7-2014/td-p/40831841

Skullgirls leading the way in Fight Stick backwards compatibility.

I’d like to know this as well. I know where to get either one but I need to know which. any and all help appreciated.

I used a version 1 Link shaft on a Hayabusa with no problems. The version 2 shafts out now are improved over the old LINK shafts and also install on the Hayabusa with no issues.

In fact any shaft that is designed for the SANWA JLF will install and work fine on the HAYABUSA.

LOL pre-ordered mine months ago and got it when it first dropped.

Now that they are getting hard to find, I kinda want to get another and mod it.

Just ordered a silent one from Ebay for 234 shipped. Bring on pc sfv Has anybody tried the silent hori products?

Just purchased it the other day here in our country. I’m just wondering if I can change the stock hayabusa gate to a Sanwa octagonal restrictor gate.

Yeah, but it will require careful drilling of the Sanwa gate. There are pictures of a member’s results here: Hori Hayabusa unboxing + mods!

The Lab Zero guys have also reported that the system can recognize almost any peripheral as long as it has the driver. The only thing specifically blocked is anything that identifies itself as a SIXAXIS or DualShock 3.

Thanks mate, Gonna check out the thread.

@blackraen‌ I’ve always wanted to try an optical stick, I’m highly interested now, I’ve heard things all over the board about these new hori parts and they didn’t even exist the last time I went to a tournament two years ago lol hurry up Japanese EMS shippingggg

Recently got the Hori v4 Hayabusa (standard from Amazon) stick in the mail and played some Guilty Gear and Street Fighter (PC usually). These impressions are coming from someone who plays 99% of the time with a Seimitsu LS-40 and Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons on a RAP V3…

The case is your usual recent RAP form factor. A hori options (start) button and pad Home, Share (select), L3, R3 and turbo buttons at the top. There are various switches that either switch between DP/LS/RS, disable the options (start) button, or swap the R3/L3 buttons with the L1/L2 buttons. Overall it sits high compared to a Madcatz TE and has an angled edge so your wrists are comfortable. Like the other RAPs, the stick is very light.

I think the Hayabusa stick is a lot like the Sanwa JLFs. Maybe it was just mine, but the spring tension on mine was very little and the stick felt very loose. However, it was almost effortless moving the stick around. You can chalk this up to user error, but the longer throw on the stick caused me to miss diagonals, especially on half-circle motions and QCFs and QCB. It feels like the diagonal activation area is slightly smaller than Sanwa, but again, could be my unfamiliarity with the stick. I have no idea why people compare the stick to an LS-40, it honestly feels more like a Sanwa JLF that has less tension (or has been broken in) and glides easier.

As for the Kuro buttons. They’re ok. The only thing I like about them is the larger surface area. Other than that, I do not care for them. My buttons squeak (others report theirs do as well) and some of them of get snagged on something when trying to press all the way down. I mean, they’re not as bad at not registering inputs as a Gamerfinger button and they’re maybe a smidge less sensitive than regular Sanwas, but they don’t feel (or sound) that well manufactured. Despite that, they are definitely a huge step above the default Hori buttons on their cheaper sticks. I would guess I use very very slightly more force to activate them compared to Sanwa. Most wouldn’t complain if they had to switch between the two. But I’d rather keep sensitivity and effectiveness than supposed longer durability.

Another reason I like the RAP form factor over TEs is the options (start) button placement. At least for PC I can easily remap select (for slinking) to be a face button and still have my macro PPP button on the face. The bad thing though is that the pad buttons cannot be manually modded unless you know how to hack the board, which I’m not willing to do.

In the end after a couple days playing on it, I swapped the stick and buttons for my usual Seimitsu LS-40 and Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons. Main reasons, I wanted less throw on the stick and more tension, along with slightly more sensitive and better quality buttons.

Overall the stick is nice. They could do with a lower price point for the stick since it’s basically a RAP VX or V3 with a PS4/PS3 PCB. If they would do that, they would definitely blow Madcatz out of the water. For my situation, I basically rebought a $150 V3 and a PS4/PS3 compatible board, which I probably won’t recommend anyone to do. I was just too impatient. I mean it is still cheaper than a PS4 TE2 by $50, and that’s also a main point when comparing the two.

If you’re thinking this’ll be an upgrade over Sanwa parts, it’ll honestly feel more like a side-grade and close to a downgrade. The parts don’t feel much different, and some people might not even like them for the reasons I’ve given. If anyone has any more questions, I’ll be happy to answer.


So I need an answer to this can I or can I not get stick art for this stick because it looks like it doesn’t have any screws so I’m assuming its not Plexi and that the art is just a plate that is stuck on there so is there anyway for me to buy and put custom stick art on this stick