Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4


It has screws under the artwork that you will tear off before applying new artwork and a plexi.


I believe the Art Hobbies Hori Hrap V Plexies come with new mounting screws for the plexy.


So it looks like these things were just put together so Hori would have a PS3/4 stick before they finished work on the updated body as well as the touch pad and analogs on the new one coming in Feb.


I still prefer the Hrap V4 over the DOA stick


I’m liking the stick, aside from the slight squeaking to a couple of the buttons when they’re pressed off center.

Really though, does the Silent JLF fit in this stick? is it an easy mod?



Me too - the reused casing almost makes it feel like a ‘stealth’ PS4 mod.

No? Just me, then? I’ll get my coat.


Haven’t tried one yet, but I do like the new, VLX style cable door on the new XBOne and DOA5LR PS4 stick.


So, the wire harness should swap and plug in no problem? It’s as simple as unscrewing, and plugging in the new one? (can you tell i haven’t done this before) lol

I really like the hayabusa. It feels nice, but i need a quieter stick because of my wierd work hours, and people sleeping at night


Yeah, that’s all there is to it.


@blackraen‌ - I would like to see a pic of the optical PCB on the silent 'Busa.

Silent Kuro buttons and Hayabusa Silent Stick?

Is the Hori Pro.V4 Hayabusa good? My only stick was the Super Street Fighter 4 Te S, how is it compared to that?


That is a difficult question as different people will give you different answers and they both being honest with you.

The Mad Catz TE s uses Sanwa parts, the Hori Hrap V4 Pro uses in house Hori Hayabusa Joystick and Kuro buttons.
if you check earlier entries in this thread and the Hayabusa threads you know that the new Hori Hayabusa is on par (if not better) than the Sanwa JLF.

I personally think the Hayabusa joystick fixed some flaws that are present in the Sanwa JLF joystick. Many of there parts are exchangeable, the two joysticks can use the same mount plates, shafts, actuators, springs, e-clip and Ball tops. What are not compatible are the switch assemblies, (the Hayabusa can’t take individual switches without some minor modifications) and the gates. No idea if the pivot fits.

The Kuro buttons have a larger plunger surface, an area to press than Sanwa buttons but Kuro buttons will tend to squeak until they gotten broken in.

The Body of the Hori Hrap V4 Pro is exactly the same as the Non-Kai versions of the Hori Hrap V3 and VX Pro arcade sticks.

Both the Hori and Mad Catz sticks have metal top and bottom panels, unlike the TE, the Hrap V has a single piece plastic body which feels more sturdy to me (but others would disagree).


Silent Kuro buttons and Hayabusa Silent Stick?

Huge is difference is that the V4 does not have a headphone/set jack While i’m pretty sure all TE sticks do (EDIT: not all TE2 support headsets ) … I Just had to buy the PS4 camera so i could chat while i play.


Last I checked, only the XBox 360 version of the TE2 has a headset port. The XBox One and PS3/4 versions don’t.


Thanks, wasn’t aware of that. That is a pretty big deal then. I guess they figured it’s not needed, because most people will have the Kinect mic, or the PS camera, but if you DON’T you’ll have to buy one to voice chat.

So, with no headset jack why is the TE2 $200? A few extra turbo features? smagh.


That’s the cost of the extra features that make it easy for modding. All sticks with flip open tops like this cost that much or more (Razer Atrox, Hori VLX).

Also, you do realize that you can just connect any USB or optical/S-PDIF headset onto the PS4 right? I’m using the same Astros on mine that I used for my PS3.


I get my silent version in the mail today! Too excited! <3

Edit,. Been playing with it for the past 3 hours, never going back to microswitch joysticks again.


Soon, everyone will know this…