Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4


Thanks guys, I just ordered my stick.


Where’d you order it from? I thought they were sold out everywhere. (Assuming you’re in the States)





^ Thought Amazon was sold out too. Only Japanese sellers.

I was able to get mine from a guy locally.


Japanese seller through amazon.


Ive been loving mine for the last month. Really dig the Kuros now that they’re broken in. The Hayabusa is a love/hate deal. I have a LS-56 on the way to try out in its place. I ended buying the xbox one counterpart as well.



Also, you do realize that you can just connect any USB or optical/S-PDIF headset onto the PS4 right? I’m using the same Astros on mine that I used for my PS3.

Yeah, my setup is a bit strange in that i have both xb1/ ps4, and i actually watch tv all while using the same headset to pass the audio. So, to get Mic support i’d either have to use kinect/ ps4 cam, or plug my headset into the respective controller. Of course new sticks don’t have a port, so i have to use the Camera’s.


Guy I was wondering if there is a place I can buy replacement bottom pannels for Hori rap v4/3/vx/Kia SA. I know where to find for various mad catz sticks but can find 1nfor this style of case.


The the Trading outlet
You might have to settle for a whole case.


You could ask B-boy Tekken from Amped Up Customs, he seems to make a lot of panels and all


Now that I’ve had a chance to play some Xrd on my PS4 with the stick, I think it was a pretty significant oversight to omit a touchpad button. That is what the PS4 version uses to reset positions in training mode rather than the Share button (which obviously replaced the Select button). We get L3/R3 buttons, which I’m not entirely sure we need…

Also, when will tournament grade sticks stop including turbo features? Aside from outright not being tournament legal, it’s just a waste of space that could be used for other features (like a touchpad button).


Tried setting the record and play buttons then pressing both to reset in practice mode?


I need to check that out.


For training mode, you can still access the reset positions option in the Options menu.
So not having the touch pad button is a moot point.


That’s good to know since I’m waiting for my stick


How easy was the swap for you? I think your assessment of the stick is spot on. The kuro buttons, to me, don’t feel as good as Sanwas (too sticky).



Not sure what the protocol it is these days but the mod is warranty voiding right. (If there is a warranty).

I’ve modded an SE stick before but now that this HRAP is my only PS4 stick (along with the shortages), it’s making me a little hesitant.


Yes, that would void the warranty.

I think mine had been out of the box for maybe thirty seconds before the warranty disappeared! :smile: