Hori HRAP V4 announced... compatible with PS3 AND PS4


You’re not doing it properly if you don’t add one of Toodle’s “Warranty Voided” stickers.


Sounds like you almost have to open it right away after seeing a couple of people receive them with the 5 pin disconnected.


I think I’ll live with the Kuros until I get a second stick.


I’ve been using the Kuro’s for a quite a few hours, and they still squeak a bit. It doesn’t bother me much, but only because they’re quieter than stock Sanwa’s. Still, It would be great if it does go away eventually.

If anyone’s wondering, the Silent JLF fits in fine, no hassle. However, the Hayabusa Shaft cover doesn’t fit on the JLF.


The Squeak will go away with wear

Points for anyone who gets the reference.



How the Shaft cover for the Hayabusa not fitting the JLF?
That does not sound right


Actually it might, i might have just rushed it, when i tried it seemed too tall, but i only tried for a couple seconds.


If you really want to get rid of the squeak fast, you can take the buttons apart and squeeze the tabs on the plunger a little bit. Not enough to break them, but enough to make them a little less tight. The squeak comes from the plastic of the plunger just being too damn tight with the rim. I found that on brand new Kuros, doing this procedure will eliminate the squeak almost instantly.


Is it true that this got discontinued? Really wanted to get one but now that they’re not making then they’re probably gonna be more expensive.


They’re phasing them out in favor of the updated design that’s coming with the DOA5LR stick.


Thanks, i looked at the new one and it looks weird. Hopefully it’s the same price or cheaper.


I swore I read that as the Dollars stick.

Yeah it looks like the Dollars DOA5LR (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round) stick is replacing the Hrap V4 Hayabusa.
I think the design is a mistake, drop the analog and touche panel.

I really hope the Analog stick thing is not a trend, some people can’t grasp wiring a Sanwa JLF, a potentiometer based analog stick is going to be a more of a nightmare to wire.


By the way, for those concerned about the Hayabusa not having a touch panel for Xrd training mode- You can map the play and record buttons to whatever you want, and pressing both at the same time resets the character positions. No need for the touch panel. I mapped mine to L3 and R3 so they are up off the face of the stick.


Yep I did that too, works well. Posted it at the top of this page


Looks like Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is coming.





That looks pretty awesome, don’t care much for the touch pad.



6 button is back. ps3/ps4 Fighting Stick model.


Plz, plz, plz can the RAP 4 Kai have the non slide surface like the RAP3/VX Kai.


Hello guys, I’m new to arcade sticks. Which basically means I never owned one before, but I’m really interested in making a transition from pad to stick, so I’m considering to buy one that will be compatible for PS4 and PS3. I was gonna buy the V4 Hayabusa, but now they revealed that the new Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is coming in March. I know, nobody would know it before testing the new stick, but from what you read and heard about it, does it have any new features over the Hayabusa V4 except the housing that looks a bit different and the touchpad (btw, what is the tocuhpad for)? Does it look like it will have any significant advantages over the V4 Hayabusa? If not, I kinda don’t wanna wait till March and would order the V4 hayabusa very soon. Appriciate if anyone could answer my nooby questions :slight_smile:


And just to add to the confusion. HORI has a HRAP.V Hayabusa with exactly the same form factor as the HRAP.4 Kai up for pre-order.


ArcadeShock is now taking pre-orders for the HRAP4 Kai.